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Citizenship distribution: “Patriotic” leaders’ act of traitor

  • Published on: April 23, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    The district administration offices of the Tarai area are now receiving unmanageable crowd of the people seeking Nepali citizenship cards.
    After the Home Ministry issued a notice on April 2 instructing the DAOs to provide citizenship certificates to the offspring of those parents holding Nepali citizenship cards, the DAOs started witnessing huge crowds.
    Although a stay order of the Supreme Court to halt the citizenship distribution process helped reduced such crowd, the stay order did not last long, and the crowd again started thronging in the DAOs, especially near Nepal India border.
    More interesting it is that most of those are found visiting the DAOs for Nepali citizenship certificates riding motorcycles bearing the Indian number plates, clearly suggesting that Indians were receiving the Nepali citizenship certificates.
    Although Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli reached power raising the nationalist slogan, his activities regarding the decision to grant citizenship certificates to Indians looked treacherous.
    Flow of Indian people from across the border arriving in the district administration offices of Sunsari, Jhapa, Morang, Siraha, Saptari and Dhanusha has increased.
    Since the SC okayed the Home Ministry circular, thousands of Indians have rushed to Nepal from Indian towns to obtain citizenship cards by descend.
    Distributing citizenship to the Indians will have a long-term impact. One day, foreigners possessing the Nepali certificates could outnumber genuine Nepali nationals, which can invite the situation like in Fiji, says Narayanman Bijekchu.
    Many prominent leaders and scholars have strongly objected to the decision, but the leaders of the ruling and the main opposition parties have not raised any voice against the treacherous move.


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