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Worrisome state of the nation

  • Published on: May 3, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 3 May: Ghanashyam Bhushal, standing committee member of the Communist Party of Nepal, has strongly criticized the government leaderships for creating worrisome state of the nation. Bhushal, a leader of the ruling party, has remarked that there is crying like situation while viewing the state of the nation of late, Naya Patrika daily has reported.

    Bhushal is the leader who is not satisfied from the present leaderships in the party as well as in the government.

    “Organisation wise, we are in an unimaginable situation; a person’s capability is being evaluated on the basis of group within the party”, Bhushal has denounced the party leaderships.

    The present state of the nation recalls the song by Prachanda Budhathiki, he said it at a press meet programme on Thursday.

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