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Nepal’s failed foreign policy: Aversion is quite possible

  • Published on: May 8, 2019

    Question arises whether the foreign policy of a nation is the practical subject that has to be put into action and achieve what is an utmost necessary for the nation or a subject of compiling theories and just to make hollow verbatim upon the compiled theories and claiming tall that someone did something for the realization of the national interests. It is for sure, an action oriented active policy that should make helpful promoting the national interests e.g. protection of sovereignty, which by means also include defending the territories against encroachment.
    The foreign policy, also, is an action oriented active policy that focuses on economic development of the nation with cooperation of the friendly countries based on mutual benefits. Avoiding strings while accepting cooperation has its core value.
    Status of Nepal’s foreign policy:
    From above, we can easily conclude that foreign policy is an action oriented active policy. It is carried out to promote national interests like defending territorial integrity, achieving economic goals for betterment of the domicile, avoiding interference into internal matters and above all to keep intact national dignity in right course of action within and beyond national territory. A glance at the above indexes clearly exhibit that we are led with no foreign policy but with the policy that is completely suited to the nation that has lost its say in its any matter either internal or external.
    Our cunning political actors should get all credits bringing Nepal’s foreign policy at present status wherein all sorts of aliens are getting upper hand. Nepal is losing her grip on its own external views. It is now conditioned upon the wishes of the aliens. The outcome of this is visible in Nepal’s quick flipping of one after another friend thereby friends perceiving Nepal, an unreliable partner. This encourages them devise short term policy vis-a-vis Nepal just for their gains. Such tendency in turn, aggravates further confusion for Nepal devising stable and long-term foreign policy goals. Visionless cunning leaders’ revolutionary stunt at handling foreign policy brought Nepal to the status of a non-reliable partner for the nations, far or across the borders.
    Shakers in Nepal’s foreign policy:
    Coming directly to the point, Nepal started losing its independent standings for the second time and continuing so after signing the 12 points agreement between the loser internal actors under the Indian mentorship. This Indian mentored agreement turned the losers into the victors but at the expense of the collective strength of the national power that is the dignity of the nation. As such, those who have come to Indian scheme intentionally are the traitors. They should be severely punished in one or another way for playing with national sovereignty and dignity.
    Going back to the history, Nepali political actors had once fallen into the Indian scheme and forced to sign the Delhi Agreement. Thereafter, Nepal came directly under the Indian surveillance. Whatever is the goal, inviting aliens to intervene in the internal affairs cannot be justified. Here, King Tribhuvan was unable to give justice to the nation. Democracy or the crown cannot supersede dignity of a nation. Calling King Tribhuvan, father of the nation, thus becomes null. He should be dropped from that status. Those who are involved in ruining dignity of the nation do not deserve to get respect from the people and the nation. History book must be inked with truth. Following the Delhi Agreement, Nepal lost its command even in the internal affairs. It is King Mahendra, the only real statesman in Nepal’s history, had to work very hard to rectify his father Tribhuvan’s blunder.
    King Mahendra joined the United Nations, Non-aligned Movement, expanded relations with many countries, brought foreign cooperation to push the country towards developmental path, kicked out Indian army from Nepal’s northern border and so on. With the love and respect earned, King Mahendra established dignity and heightened importance of Nepal. It started conducting independent foreign policy.
    Today, neither we have a statesman like King Mahendra nor we have complete say while conducting foreign policy. We are intermittently poked even by the countries such as the USA and European Union with whom we have no physical proximity, let alone India on our foreign policy conduction. Time will come when China begin poking on Nepal for the similar matters. Our foreign policy pundits and makers, without giving any thought, as a readymade answer bluntly spit by forwarding a theory of managing the interests of different countries in Nepal. What a weak observation?
    Nepal should and has the ability pushing back the international players creating playing field to destabilize both the neighbors. When we are capable of saying no to such ill motive of any country or group of countries, there is no point of giving them to misuse our sacred soil for any reason.
    It is an irony that Nepal is projected among poor countries in the world and thus, she cannot sustain or even breath without foreign aid, donation or any other contributions. That is simply an ill-intentioned fear injected in the minds of the people, political professionals and intellectuals so that Nepal keep on relying on the alien mercy and these aliens could advance their vested interests under the dark. Nepal can become a debt free country within just a single year. Just by controlling corruption, Nepal can add more than 25 billion dollars (25 Kharab rupees) in the national treasury. Putting surveillance cameras alone in the tariff offices all over the trade check points and collecting revenues without making it find leakage could generate at least 20 billion dollars (20 kharab rupees) extra. The monitoring system must be managed effectively. Nepal receives about 7 billion dollars (7 kharab rupees) as remittance. Nepal’s budget is about to come up with estimated to not more than 15 billion dollars (15 kharab rupees) and our per head debt is about 31000 rupees which comes to 8.5 kharab rupees (less than 8 billion dollars). We can pay all our debt at once and manage budget without alien resources provided strict and efficient management of the revenue system and remittance. Nepal has tremendous natural resources to harness that could bring Nepal to one of the nations that move towards the path of development without any foreign resources. Lack of commitment and honesty and, corruption in excess are the deadliest diseases that hinder Nepal moving ahead. Thus, introducing a death penalty for the corruption or at least imprisoning the corrupts for life would do good for the nation and Nepali people at large. The picture above shows Nepal has every possibility becoming sound economically. If so, it won’t require foreign resources and when it does not need them, there would be no question of accepting any kind of pressure. No one can, then, dictate us to accept their terms while handling foreign policy.
    To conclude, foreign policy is an action oriented active policy which must be put effectively into practice for the attainment of the national goals. Anything that comes to hinder running foreign policy smoothly must put aside. 12 points agreement between the so-called party professionals cum traitors under Indian mentorship and unwritten understandings made between them and other dirty actors under disguise are a few examples that continuously hindering Nepal from conducting foreign policy of an independent sovereign nation. Such treasons must not go unpunished and punishment should also be effectively administered against the corrupt, no matter how high position he or she enjoys. Stopping treason for political mileage would restore nation’s dignity and implementing economic discipline even by introducing harsh rule would make nation economically sound within a very short span of time. When it is dignified and economically sound, Nepal does not need to succumb to alien pressure. Thus, Nepal has open doors to move ahead averting failed foreign policy to conduct complete independent foreign policy suited best to her.

    (The writer is currently residing in New York, USA)


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