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  • Published on: May 8, 2019

  • By P. Kharel
    Recall other recalls
    Tears are being shed by some sections over the recall of Nepal’s ambassadors to various countries. They are bad losers supporting the cause of those who benefited from the powers that be when they had their stars right, and are now being pulled back because their political stars have dimmed and even darkened. They can wait for another day for their version of normalcy returning.
    Ramesh Prasad Koirala was recalled from Qatar by a government that enjoys two-thirds majority in parliament. Had any other party or alliance been in the saddle of power, it would have done precisely the same. Bangladesh, Spain, South Korea, Israel and Russia have witnessed similar recalls.
    Irony in Dahal’s delivery
    Second Nepal CEO Summit and Award Programme on April 26 was addressed by NCP twin chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal, organised by Padma Media. Media people were commenting that Dahal and his band had extorted huge sums with threats to not obliging the demand for “donations”.
    Systemic failure
    Some wise cracks are saying that the no-delivery of the promises made to the people does not mean the system has failed. Such are empty talk.
    No system can be revered simply for an abstract ideal unless it delivers or makes the decision-makers deliver on the basis of transparency, accountability and all those qualities that Nepalese have come to learn by rote on account of terminologies brought in by INGOs.
    Golden girl
    By any reckoning, Gaurika Singh is the sensation among Nepalese athletes having collected 12 gold medals in swimming events at the eighth National Games that concluded last fortnight in Nepalgunj.
    This decade has seen her heavy dominance. Her nearest rivals in competition are quite behind her.
    Next target is the forthcoming South Asian Games, which has been delayed time and again, as is wont with sports officials who seem to enjoy the kind of impunity not even dictatorships would allow.
    Delay by a year means loss of a very significant period of players in their prime of athletic career.
    Without comment
    Former Chief Election Commissioner Bhojraj Pokhrel, in a keynote speech at a programme in Kathmandu: “Power is not in Singh Durbar [Secretariat]; it is with brokers and commission agents.”


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