• Monday 23rd September 2019

ADB likely to quit Bagmati River Basin Improvement project

  • Published on: May 22, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    The Asian Development Bank is likley to withdraw its hand from the Bagmati Basin Improvement Project owing to dispute over compemsation to the land owners.
    With the quitting of the project by the ADB, the Bagmati beutification project will be affected.
    When the governmnet failed to sort out the dispute regarding comensation to the 188 ropanis of the land on the Narayantar-Guheshwori section of the project, ADB is qutting the 30 month project.
    The 30-month term of the Rs. 3.60 billion project was to expire on Februray 2020.
    Due to the dispute, the project has failed to make the desired ahead promting the ADB to quit it in the middle.
    Works were underway to beautify the either banks of the Bagmati from Gokarna to Sinamangal excluding the Pashupati area. About 14 km stretch of the river bank is being upgraded under the project.


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