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Government to bring traditional budget

  • Published on: May 22, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    The government will be tabling the budget for the next fiscal year next week. Although Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and other ministers of the two-thirds majority government have been claiming that the next year would be a year of development, the budget will not be different from the budget of the previous years.
    Obviously, in lack of internal resources and capability to spend the development budget, the budget, no matter how big and balanced it will be, will not make much difference.
    It is estimated that the budget will be of Rs. 15 trillion or a little more. However, the biggest portion of the budget, as in the previous years, will go to the salaries of the employees and in administrative cost. Moreover, when the government is mulling over increasing the pay of thr civil servants, teachers and others by 25 per cent and social service allowance to the elderly, the administrative cost is likely to be bigger next year.
    Going by the plans and programmes of the different ministries, there is no place to be happy. For example, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development is going to introduce ‘Youth Agriculture Special Programmes’ in the upcoming fiscal budget. It will not be new ones. Programmes of similar nature were also there in the past.
    “The Ministry said it was bringing ‘Youth Agriculture Special Programme’ in the new budget to attract youth to agriculture and make them entrepreneurs in home.
    Under the programme, the ministry would provide subsidy up to Rs. 1 million to youth who want to be an agro entrepreneur, But only the youth close to the leaders of the ruling party will benefit from such programmes.
    Another bizarre fact was revealed by the media that the government cannot allocate the budget for the outer ring road project in lack of fund to compensate the owners of the land which needs to polled to construct the ring road.
    Hence, it is almost sure that the budget will be traditional, and it will not be as per the expectation of the ruling party leader, because Finance Minister Dr Yiuba Raj Khatiwada is rigid in preparing budget. He was crticised by the ruling NCP leaders for the budget he unveiled a year ago.


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