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With Malice to none: Rise of Hindu fascism in India likely, China may confront India in Nepal

  • Published on: May 22, 2019

  • By NP Upadhyaya
    The final assault on Nepal’s sovereignty has suddenly gained momentum.
    Mind it that such an attack has come close on the heels of the secret trip made to Kathmandu by the most hated person of India – Shyam Saran who happened to be India’s foreign secretary at a time when the Nepal’s Maoists (Comrade Prachanda and Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai) were under the calculatedly-designed-protection of the Indian regime in Delhi who were later exported to annihilate Nepal time permitting.
    Some even claim that the Maoists were the creation of Shyam Saran. It though remains yet to be substantiated.
    The damage is being done by “those two exported disgusting political figures” who has yet to be invited by the Hague Tribunal. Among the two, one has recently united with a regional party under the much talked instructions of Saran while he was in Kathmandu a month ago.
    The other one is eating Nepal like a moth each day but as the luck would have it, he is the unhappy man in the entire world. He has lost so many things over these years and is perhaps paying high price for his past crimes committed on humanity. Poor political man!
    In fact it was Shyam Saran who then played a devilish role in dismantling the old established institutions of Nepal through his paid stooges in Nepal who still, we have been told, obey to the commands of their former Indian master(s).
    Many in the Nepali media sector even as of today eulogize the pains that Saran took in dismantling their own motherland. Saran for them is what Mahatma Gandhi is for the Indian citizens. Albeit these perverted nationalists topple the statue of Nepal unifier King PN Shah and wish to erect the life size posters of Modi.
    The damage of Nepal that had begun right in the first quarter of the 2006 is being provided a new impetus with the inclusion of some tilted brains in a special group who were not utilized by the Indian regime so far but had been kept in reserve, it appears now.
    The group stands now for the restoration of the Nepal which had been ruined by Shyam Saran, it is being given to understand.
    The convergence of a few ugly faces at a freshly “designed” club bodes ill in that the destruction that was considered incomplete by the Indian regime has now been accorded the top priority which apparently means that the final attempt shall be made to completely wipe out the map of Nepal from the world map.
    And the same process is in progress with new energy and with some added new “RAW paid brains” from Nepal’s various sectors.
    In the recent days a determined nationalist group as far as this scribe could recall is a few years old which has now come into action after a slumber with a strong avowal to help save mother Nepal which is just the reverse perhaps.
    The inclusion of some men having dubious credentials tentatively hints that Shyam Saran this time shall not settle for less in that some “key” person(s) having commanding authority in the cluster are rumored to have had intimate ties with Saran while he was India’s Ambassador to Nepal.
    It was this Nepal tenure of Saran in which he guaranteed the secured “shelter” of the Nepal Maoists in Delhi.
    Some media men who have had sneaked into New Delhi, NOIDA, under the secret arrangements of Shyam Saran in 2006 are still kicking and alive in Nepal’s media sector.
    They had gone to Delhi to have a brief chit-chat with Delhi declared terrorists who were our national heroes and builders. They are taken as movers and shakers of today’s national politics.
    These builders later changed the very original face of mother Nepal and yet appear to have no repentance.
    That India had invested billions and billions of rupees to destabilize Nepal during the 2006 “sponsored movement” through Shyam Saran has come to light. (This news is not a new one in that the Telegraph weekly/telegraphnepal.com some few years back had revealed this heartbreaking fact which tentatively devastated this nation deliberately by the declared enemy that India is).
    The news that has gone viral in the social media these days says that Mrs. Nirupama Rao the former Indian foreign secretary (after Shyam Saran) while in a visit to Afghanistan talked to the then US Ambassador in Afghanistan, Richard Halbrook on January 18, 2010 wherein she said that the Indian pumping of the amount in Nepal to install the Delhi residing Maoists in the power corridor did not work to the extent what had been expected.
    In fact, she briefed the US envoy just the opposite. The fact is that the funding worked much more than Indian regime have had expected.
    The Nepali heroes then stationed in Delhi as government’s most honored guests immediately upon their landing in Kathmandu grabbed political authority in a silver plate offered by Girija Prasad Koirala much ahead of Nepal King being sent to the jungles.
    Now the question arises as to why Ms. Rao injected false news into the minds of the US envoy? What was the benefit? How India was going to grab profit from such a false news dissemination?
    Moreover, why this sort of news at this point of time has been made viral and for what gains to the Indian regime? Is it a deliberate dissemination?
    Our own contention is that this news has been made viral with a special motive which is to inform and terrorize the Nepali population that India can still pump in money much the same way it had been done during the time when Maoists were to be exported to Nepal by “mother India” for some.
    Indian “experiments could be repeated”, is the threat loaded message perhaps from across the border to a defunct and directionless Nepal.
    Yet some hope still remains. A very vibrant and energetic cluster of patriotic people have, in the name of mother Nepal, taken the oath that henceforth they shall work for the preservation of the sanctity of mother Nepal that have been devalued by some pseudo nationalists over these years and that this group has freshly vowed that it will work for the betterment of the nation.
    Since this group comprises of some veteran nationalists and thus what could be expected that this assembly of the strong nationalists shall expose the as to how the Indian infiltrators have been pouncing upon the holiness of mother Nepal.
    Dev Prakash Tripathi is a name who could be trusted at this juncture to name a few included in this nationalist club.
    But how this assemblage could protect Nepal from the expected onslaught from the Indian regime which is likely to be once again controlled by the Feku Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi will have to be watched.
    If Modi is back to power, as stated in the last issue and also as per the exit polls in India, Nepal must prepare itself once again to brave yet another economic blockade and the pretext would be why China instead of India?
    Chances remain high that RAW machinery shall rule this wretched nation for long time to come with the possibility of even changing the national anthem with that of the India’s.
    Several viceroys from among our own nationals shall be told to form and rule the Bahadurs and Choukidars that the Nepali people prefer to call themselves more so after the change of the 2005-6.
    The BIMSTEC Head Quarters shall be brought to Kathmandu and the SAARC secretariat shall be dismantled for good so that Pakistan shall remain virtually disconnected from the former members of the SAARC.
    However, this shall force Pakistan to look towards Central Asia and Russia together with China.
    Russia is already selling some sophisticated fighters to Pakistan, it is talked.
    Matured observers even see the likelihood of Nepal being annexed into the Indian Union during the next tenure of Modi as the Indian Prime Minister which is what some declared domestic Lendhup Dorjes’ prefer in essence since long time. Some Nepali nationals prefer such assimilation into the Indian Union.
    The single beneficiary in Nepal would be, if blessings remain intact, Nepal’s dethroned King and that too in the name of being a former Hindu monarch.
    But if Nepal turns to Sikkim then King Gyanendra’s restoration, per chance, shall have no meaning at all. And more over, an India elevated King, the Nepali people would love to hate for some reasons related with Nepal’s pride and honor.
    PM Modi’s come back to power corridors in India shall in all likelihood bring untold sufferings to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The people must have been trembling listening to the results of the exit polls (as of Tuesday morning)
    Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president and former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti said on Sunday May 20, 2019, only meaningful engagement between India and Pakistan and the leadership of the state could resolve decades old Kashmir conflict and accord permanent peace to the region.
    Chairing a meeting of the party’s top leadership and functionaries of Kashmir and Ladakh, Mehbooba said it was high time for all political forces to come together and make strenuous efforts in unison to get Jammu and Kashmir out of the present uncertainty, bloodshed, mayhem and chaos.
    Whatever be the observation of India and Pakistan on Kashmir issue, for the Nepali observers the Kashmir affair remains to be the core issue of tension between the two countries but the fact is that no amount of bombings or killings would be able to solve this complex issue.
    Nepal’s political pundits opine that Kashmir continues to be the flash point but yet both the warring nations are still unwilling to resolve the overly stretched conflict through a sustainable solution which would eliminate the constant state of instability and the risk of a massive destruction of the whole world.
    What is needed is the initiation of what could be called as the “composite dialogue” in between India and Pakistan for the settlement of the Kashmir imbroglio, suggest non-partisan observers in Nepal who have been watching the conflict in Kashmir over these decades.
    Bangladesh is likely to feel the brunt of the re-emergence of PM Modi in India as he would exert pressure on Bangladesh to keep China at a distance to which PM Madame Hasina would reluctantly oblige for fear of being taken to task.
    It is talked that even some ministers in the Bangladeshi cabinet were ministers of China’s choice. If so then PM Modi shall warn PM Hasina to kick them out from the closet. Modi will do so to keep alive the Wuhan spirit.
    Let’s not talk of Baby Bhutan. This country itself shall appeal for greater mercy from the Indian regime under PM Modi. Here is the fear factor once again. The King is weak.
    The Maldives is already close to the Indian regime whereas Sri Lanka still loves and honors China for some understandable reasons.
    Pakistan as usual will have a challenging enemy. However, Pakistan’s Prime Minister had recently said that he would wish the re0election of PM Modi back to power as his comeback would be helpful in settling India-Pakistan overly stretched conflict.
    A part of smart diplomacy? Better ask PM Khan.
    In a way it was taken in the South Asian diplomatic community that PM Khan favors Modi for some mysterious reasons.
    Whatever may have been the reason of PM Khan’s preference of Modi over Rahul Gandhi, the fact is that Modi of the Balakot Radar fame will perhaps once again terrorize the South Asian population more so the Dalits, the Muslims ( both inside India and in disputed area of Kashmir).
    Terrible days for the non-Hindu population have commenced in India. Bear with the unimaginable torture that remains in the Modi’s Indian store for you all who differ with the saffron clad Hindu terror machine in India. What else we in Nepal could assure them when the same torture with a different
    Needless to say, even prior to the election results in India, PM Modi’s agents have tried to destabilize Pakistan territory but have not only been recognized but nabbed as well.
    A fresh report that has gone viral in the international media (it is also available in the YouTube) claims that in a major breakthrough, Pakistan’s intelligence agencies have cracked a subversive network working at the behest of the Indian spy agency to destabilize Gilgit-Baltistan – a region which is pivotal to the success of the multibillion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), so writes Express Tribune dated May 21, 2019.
    The network – identified by sources as Balwaristan National Front (Hameed Group) – was bankrolled by India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) which, Islamabad says, has been stoking terrorism in Pakistan through its proxies, the Tribune adds.
    To recall, a serving Indian navy commander, Kulbhushan Jadav, who was arrested during a counter-intelligence operation in March 2016 in Baluchistan, has already admitted in a televised confession that RAW is involved in fuelling terrorism in Baluchistan and elsewhere in Pakistan.
    However, India claims that Jadav is not a spy.
    In the meanwhile, Pakistan’s army is all set to raise another division-size special force to protect Chinese nationals and projects under the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the military spokesman Major-General Asif Gafoor said last week.
    His announcement comes days after the brazen terror attack on a luxury hotel in Baluchistan.
    Describing the US$50 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as a living example of the deep-rooted friendship between Pakistan and China, Major-General Gafoor, who is the Director-General of the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), said the army was fully determined to ensure the security of the project.
    Addressing a group of visiting Chinese journalists in Rawalpindi just the other day Gafoor said that the Pakistan military had raised a whole division-size force to protect the project and they were planning to deploy another division for this purpose.
    He made this statement after the attack on a Hotel in the port city of Gwadar some ten days back.
    Pakistan has the strength and the determination to fight against the evil designs, however, poor Nepal is cursed to heed to the coercive instructions of the Indian regime.
    This is why a stronger Pakistan is the guarantor of a secured South Asia. Pakistan must do all it can to accumulate ‘wealth and health’ in order to meet the challenges posed to the South Asian security by our common neighbor.
    The message must be loud and clear.
    However, India has a free ride in Nepal in that it has not to send spies to control the country’s overall administration but apart from its own envoy posted in Kathmandu, our own domestic “nationalists and patriots ” willingly assist the regime across the border, it is widely believed and observed as well.
    Breaking the silence:
    In yet another shocking news, writes Rifat Fareed for the Al Jazeera, the prisoners in Indian-administered Kashmir have been subjected to abuse and torture, including “water-boarding, sleep deprivation and sexualized torture”, according to a report by two rights bodies.
    The 560-page report released on Monday May 20, 2019, mentions solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, and sexualized torture including rape and sodomy, used as torture techniques against Kashmiris, adds Rifat Fareed. Other torture methods included electrocution, hanging from a ceiling, dunking detainees’ head in water (which is sometimes mixed with chili powder), said the report by Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) and Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS).
    During the torture detainees are stripped naked, beaten with wooden sticks, and bodies were burned with iron rods, heaters or cigarette butts, Rifat opined quoting the just released report.
    Back home, high placed sources have told this scribe privately that a few self-proclaimed nationalists who day in day out been criticizing the Oli led government in public were the men of the KP Oli in disguise. It is these personalities who make scathing criticisms against the system and the government and on occasions talk against India were the trusted and tested friends of Indian regime.
    All in all, the countries in South Asia are expected to embrace bad days for some reasons that are well understood by the men inhabiting in this part of the world.
    The non-Hindu population shall have terrible days for some known reasons. That’s all.
    For the road: China is yet to enter into Nepal in a big way through the Belt and Road Initiative. This will definitely invite ire from the Indian regime. Apart from all these challenges which are concurrently associated with abundant opportunities as well provided Nepal plays a competitive and dynamic neutrality while dealing with the immediate neighbors.
    Nepal can’t now escape from its involvement in the US designed Indo-Pacific strategy as per the preferences of the US administration. The fresh visit of a distinguished US official to Kathmandu suggests that the US will seek Nepal’s role in the IPS.
    Nothing to panic, it should be the adherence of what could be called as the policy of Smart Competitive Dynamic Neutrality ( SCDN) that shall help Nepal to walk through the tight rope while dealing with China, India and the US.
    The Himalayan question is this: Has Nepal this capability to play such a smart diplomacy? That’s all.


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