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Governance under “loktantra”!

  • Published on: May 23, 2019

  • By P. R. Pradhan

    Beloved leader Baburam Bhattarai is the father of the word “loktnatra”. Besides this, biased Bhattarai has also introduced the word “lokmarga” instead of “rajmarga” [highway] when he presented the country’s budget at the capacity of a finance minister. It seems, he didn’t want to hear the word “Raja” [king] and he tried to replace this word prefixed with “raj”. Still, we say rajdoot [ambassador]. If he was the foreign minister, perhaps, he would have attempted to replace the word with “lokdoot”. The “revolutionary” party CPN Maoist, in which Bhattarai was associated as the second man, killed above 17 thousand innocent Nepalis. Bhattarai wanted to destroy the glorious Nepali culture, history, religion, tradition and other such things under foreign instructions. Today, the Maoist party in “revolution”, has been unable to survive independently, thus it has merged into the UML. The CPN Maoist supremo Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda” is today dancing to the tune of KP Sharma Oli and Dahal’s political future is in Oli’s pocket.

    Bhattarai, who has virtually ended his Maoist links, was able to save his political career only with the backing of the Nepali Congress. Furthermore, if the Nepali Congress would not have supported Bhattarai, an arch rival of democracy, he could not have got the chance to sit in the federal parliament constituted under the constitution drafted by him. When he saw a dark political future for himself, to secure his own future, Bhattarai has merged his party Naya Shakti with Upendra Yadav and formed a new party Socialist Party Nepal. If Yadav would not have come to the rescue of Bhattarai, the later would have already finished in the political arena of the country.

    Today, each and every Nepali citizen have clearly understood that the Maoist “revolution” was initiated under foreign sponsorship and the present constitution actually was drafted by the Europeans rather than the constituent assembly members of our own country. The present political system under the new constitution is not going to make the nation prosperous and the people happy, rather, it is carrying the nation towards the path of a failed state.

    Look at the state of governance! Everywhere, we see brokers and mafias. The fact is that mafias are ruling the nation. We see different types of mafias – judiciary mafia, education mafia, health mafia, land mafia, transportation mafia, etc. and Baluatar is under the strong grip of these mafias. In other words, the nation is functioning under syndicates and the setting of these mafias which dictate the way for the political leaders.

    If we look at them carefully, today, educational institutions are no more the center for wisdom; courts are no more the center for justice, government agencies are no more the center for providing public service, ministries are no more the venue for developing people-oriented plans and policies and finally, the general public are no more in the center of politics. This is the definition of the present secular, federal republic Nepal under different syndicates with bad intentions.

    The political system we are exercising is the venue to provide employment to the political leaders and party workers. We have federal ministers, MPs, provincial ministers and provincial MPs, there are 753 local bodies and thousands in number ward committees and political authorities enjoying monthly salary and other government facilities. The nation’s domestic revenue cannot meet the salary and other facilities of these political employees. When we spend all our revenue in just feeding the political leaders and workers, understandably, we will have no funds to invest in development projects or infrastructural projects.

    The new constitution of Nepal has now been in existence for four-years and the elected government formed after the promulgation of the constitution has already completed 15 months in office but neither the constitution nor the executive government has been able to deliver good governance in the country. In Nepal, politics is not considered as social service, but it is being practiced as a profession to make money without investment.

    All economic indicators have gone down to an alarming level. Already, the trade deficit has been gone up to around 100 billion and by the end of the current fiscal year, the amount is going to be increased further. The balance of payment deficit is also in a widening trend. The finance minister says that such a deficit is not odd for different reasons. He is satisfied from the economic growth rate which is around 6 percent. It is not because the government’s good work which has enhanced its economic performance, but because of the informal economic activities taking place. The government is unable to check imports of luxury goods as it cannot meet matching funds of domestic revenue without achieving the import tax target. On the other hand, the Prime Minister and ministers, instead of maintaining Spartan lifestyles, are increasing their own salaries and allowances, including in the purchasing of luxury vehicles. These are the symptoms that the nation is heading towards a failed state.

    Ultimately, the present political system imposed by the foreigners has not been suitable for the nation.


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