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Biplav terror in the nation

  • Published on: May 29, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    After a series of explosions of home made pressure-cooker bombs Sunday afternoon, the capital city has been terrorized. Monday witnessed a thin movement of vehicles and people in the Valley. The explosion of the bombs claimed one life in Ghattekulo, just 300 meters from the government’s main secretariat, and 3 persons in Sukedhara in Kathmandu. Several others were injured. In around a dozen places elsewhere, explosives were located. In different parts of the country also explosives were located. Vehicles were burnt on Monday.
    Several Days back, Monday was announced as a Nepal bandh by the CPN Netrabikram Chand “Biplav” group against the Police killing of his worker Tirtharaj Ghimire in Bhojpur recently.
    Vehicle movement in the main highways came to a halt on Monday.
    Security state in the Valley:
    All four persons killed in the explosions were close to Biplav’s party. They committed a mistake while setting the time of the bombs. According to reports, they set 4.30 pm instead of 4.30 am and the bombs exploded at 4.30 pm, before placing them at the targeted areas. If the bombs were exploded in crowded places, many people could have been killed.
    Odd to note that the security organs were unaware about Biplav group’s plan. This is an example of how strong are our security organs and their intelligence units.
    According to the intelligence reports, the security organs have undermined Biplav group’s strength. According to the security organs, Biplav’s group is very small and cannot act in a strong manner. Also, in earlier bandhs announced by this group, no impact was seen in the Valley, however, such bandhs had affected Western Nepal. This time, the bandh effect was witnessed in the Valley and Eastern parts of the country as well.
    This is the indication that the Biplav group is expanding its organizational strength and activities nationwide.


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