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Kick out NGOs/INGOs from Nepal; Modi now a threat to SA peace; weakening Pakistan’s diplomacy?

  • Published on: May 29, 2019

  • By NP Upadhyaya
    The fresh bomb attacks that rocked various parts of the country must have, claim some political pundits, been carried out to celebrate the thumping victory of Prime Minister Narendra Bhai Modi in India.
    The authenticity of this speculation has so far not been substantiated but yet some sharp brains claim that if the Nepal Maoists (led by Comrade Prachanda and Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai) could strike a tacit “subservient” working relations with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in India then led by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee then why not Netra Bikram Chand “Biplav” establish the same sort of links with the same BJP regime “under the same Indian preconditions and State facilities” with India in order to complete the “Nepal Annihilation process” initiated by Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai some thirteen years ago?
    The plan then was charted out by Shyam Saran, SD Muni, Sitaram Yechury, RAW Chief in Kathmandu, Security advisor Brajesh Mishra which got its instant approval from PM Vajpayee later also sanctioned by Sonia’s proxy Dr. MM Singh.
    This means that neither the BJP nor the Indian Congress are friends of Nepal.
    Both were Indian blockade machines for Nepal.
    Thus the fresh BJP’s win and the concurrent defeat of the Indian congress for Nepal makes little difference. Albeit, some paid agents benefit both ways. Money matters for sure.
    If Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai have had the liberty to help assist Indian regime to pounce upon their own motherland then why should Biplav not allowed to copy to what has now been as good as a “precedence”?
    The theory that has been advanced here may not be entirely correct but the same can’t be brushed aside if one were to peep into our own past experience with India’s terror machines that were in work against Nepal.
    If India is around, Nepal needs no enemy, it is talked.
    The fact is that Nepali leaders now ruling the nation have had definitely invited the Indian forced mediation in the form of the much touted 12 point agreement calculatedly designed by the third class inferiority complex ridden diplomat Shyam Saran who under the guise of the said Delhi agreement exported Nepal-Maoists to Kathmandu but also secured their overwhelming entrance into the power structures of Nepal to the extent that some of the oldest institutions were told to enter into the jungles.
    And this was perhaps the best and honorable shortcut to control Nepal through their paid and NOIDA sheltered agents hopefully.
    Late Koirala assisted the entire Indian design in a very subtle manner (but it was more or less an exposed act) with a hope that he would be made the first Nepal President by Prachanda upon his tornado like entrance into the Nepal’s power structures.
    Logic demands that the Indian regime, as is the experience, must have a tamed “violent group” in Nepal much similar to what Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai duo indoctrinated then in NOIDA, Delhi, so that Nepal could be twisted as per the structured policies of the known hegemony of South Asia- India which has the distinction of being ruled for most of its existence by foreign masters including the Mughals and the fresh being the British India Company. We need to sympathize the traumatized neighbor that is India at the moment.
    Freshly elected Modi shall accomplish the task that remains yet in ensuring the swallowing of Nepal through the current Nepali leaders who have in one way or the other proved their unconditional loyalties towards the Indian “expansionist” machine.
    Choukidars shall remain ever Choukidars and money matters also.
    Netra Bikram Chand, as far as we understand, is a strong nationalist and that he apparently has some intimate links with the now ousted King of Nepal-King Gyanendra, it is rumored in high political circles.
    Some even suspect that Chand in collaboration with the Mohan Baidya group of Maoists is planning to restore the ousted Nepali monarchy and in this mission talks are that PM Modi and his “fascist Hindutva gang” led by Amit Sah too in some way or the other were involved in the game initiated by Chand and Baidya in Nepal. Though it remains yet to be confirmed.
    This may not be true at all or even could be nearer the truth. But then question remains: why then Netra Bikram Chand is creating terror in Nepal and for what purpose and under whose instructions? Only because he feels that his former colleagues Prachanda and Bhattarai did so and so he too has been copying the same terror tactics in order to bring in revolutionary changes in the country which would ultimately be in the interest of the population. Or is it the India’s RAW factor?
    The revolution in Nepal though begins in the name of the people but ends with the so called revolutionaries’ occupying lucrative chair that spins money for the fake revolutionaries. The former Delhi assisted veterans are now the billionaires. Prachanda is perhaps the richest man in entire South Asia but yet the Hague Tribunal is silent. His war time crimes against humanity yet remain due. Is the Hague Tribunal listening? The talk of Lenin Bista, the child soldier abused by the Maoists during the people’s war led by Comrade Prachanda is making appeals at the Hague demanding Prachanda be penalized for his atrocious crimes against humanity.
    Prachanda is the best example on how the State could be looted? If this loot is free for Prachanda then why not Biplav be allowed to do the same? Prachanda is taken as a scar in the name of the Communist.
    Prachanda and Bhattarai too had this scheme in their minds prior to the merger of their mission with that of the Indian establishment which twisted the arms of the Nepal Maoists then residing in Delhi who began working as per the dictates of the RAW, Shyam Saran, SD Muni and Yechury-the third class thug Indian communist who has fallen flat this Indian election. These thugs damaged Nepal in a way they desired.
    Former Maoists leader Chandra Prakash Gajurel (CP) while talking to a local TV channel has recently said that India was ever in the back of the Nepal Maoists while Prachanda and Dr. Bhattarai were in Delhi and that when the mainstream Maoists party was about to initiate dialogue with the then Nepal King Birendra, the King and his entire family were butchered which means that the “nationalist king” knew that the India seduced Nepali Maoists should be brought back from Delhi to Kathmandu and make the nation strong.
    King Gyanendra too wished the same but the Indian machinery, specially the RAW played such a trick that King of Nepal had to enter into the jungles in order to award political space to the adopted relatives of Shyam Saran whom he exported to Nepal under the scheme of the 12 point arrangement which was primarily drafted in Hindi later translated into nepali language for domestic consumption.
    Proxy Indian Prime Minister Dr. MM Singh too contributed in damaging Nepal to a greater extent so his party’s defeat must not be taken as a sad event for Nepal. Whether BJP or the Congress, both have tried and imposed blockades on Nepal at different intervals of history.
    Yet some soft corner is for Rahul Gandhi-the childish pappu of the entire South Asian region.
    The Maoists splinter led by Netra Bikram Chand, rumors have it, is a perfect blend of Indian RAW, Mohan Baidya’s fringe Maoist party, Prachanda’s political tool to tease PM Oli, and a nationalist Chand who prefers King Gyanendra replacing the entire system currently controlled by hardliner RAW with a flavor of Indo-Pacific Strategy which finally aims at poking China’s Tibet.
    But matured brains claim that Netra Bikram Chand’s Maoists party is a political tool of the RAW much similar to what Prachanda and Bhattarai meant for India and later used extensively in damaging Nepal.
    Interestingly, this violent Maoists group led by Chand prefers the restoration of Nepali Monarchy as Chand believes King Gyanendra as a strong nationalist as compared to the present day leaders such as Prachanda and Oli who are perhaps driven by the Indian government.
    Some even say that the incumbent Home Minister in the government is too close to Netra Bikram Chand and thus to expect that he would make efforts aimed at nabbing Chand appears remote. Old friendship die hard.
    “Chand at the moment is in possession of some four battalions of his Maoists military men and the group has its own people’s government at some places in the country”, so said the incumbent Home Minister the other day.
    In saying so the minister apparently hinted that to confront Chand would be a challenging task and thus he be invited for talks. The current home minister Ram Bahadur and Chand were very close friends while both were Delhi’s guest.
    Our own source, however, claims that Chand is the creation of the RAW machine which shall twist the arms of this Maoists as and when Nepali state prefers to free itself from the traditional Indian grip.
    There is also a small section of observers who opine that Netra Bikram Chand is the handy tool of Comrade Prachanda who wants to threaten PM Oli by using terror tactics carried out by Chand faction of the Maoists.
    To be honest who controls Chand Maoists shall come to the open immediately after Narendra Modi is declared as the Prime Minister of India May 30, 2019. Let’s watch how Modi behaves with Nepali politics which is being influenced by China’s Belt and Road Initiative that is to bring Nepal much closer to China-the rival of India.
    High placed sources say that those Nepali nationals who obey to the commands of the Lainchor Palace controlled by Ambassador Puri are in more ways than one the undeclared Indian army posted in Nepal to destroy the history and the geography of Nepal.
    Had not it been this case true then the mainstream media would have written against the continued land encroachment of Nepal by the Indian SSB and the Border Security forces.
    But the logic is that a paid servant has no authority to pounce upon its own master.
    In eastern Nepal, India has changed the normal course of the Koshi River which has inundated several villages. However, the mainstream media has kept a silence. This is meaningful.
    It is interesting to note the timing of the fresh bomb attack by Chand Maoist group has come at a time when Narendra Modi has been given the mandate to rule India for five years and that the Nepali nationals of Birganj (a town in Nepal that borders Raxaul, India in the South who took Modi’s victory as their own and appeared more excited than the Indians who voted Modi to power. This must have some meaning underneath. At least, the Hindu religion factor must have worked to a greater extent.
    But then should this mean that Nepal henceforth has adopted Hinduism as the State religion but not to what has been declared by the State-the Secular one?
    If so then shall the Hindus of Nepal, a highly tolerant population that they have so far remained, behave with people with differing religions much the same way to what is being practiced by the Hindu saffron clad BJP men on the minority Indian Muslims across the country beginning from UP, Madhya Pradesh and Kashmir?
    Not. Not at all, Nepal’s Hindu population shall never copy the jungle behavior of the BJP terror machine.
    The nation though has several shortcomings but yet fanaticism is not in Nepal.
    It is for these reasons perhaps intellectuals like Dr. Yubraj Sangroula, Narayan Kaji Shrestha and Dr. Rajesh Ahiraj (Jha) are the few Nepali nationals who have been demanding of late that if the State is to function in a manner as per the wishes of the common people then the authorities who control the nation-state must do away with the International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) as it is these INGOs which have been eating the vital organs of the nation-state and institutionalizing acts of State led corruption and that the early ouster of these foreign funded organizations shall be in the interest of Nepal or else the INGOs shall destroy the nation ultimately.
    Interestingly, most of the NGOs and the INGOs have been under the control of the former UML party men across the country who have been living a luxurious lives after the advent of the Republican order in the country.
    Dr. Rajesh Ahiraj, a disciplined thinker and concurrently a media man, talking with this scribe over phone a few days back said that if Nepali society were to develop then the state must at once scrap the system of “reservation” in the State mechanism meant to provide equal opportunities to the marginalized men of the society as this reservation scheme or the quota system in effect diminishes the potential of the section of the society and makes him or her dependent on the system for some free favors. In fact, the scheme of reservation is a faulty one in that, says Dr. Rajesh Jha, it caps the sprouting of the talent that one may have inside him or her but instead gets tempted to pocket the favors that the government may offer for the men categorized to fall under this or that quota (reservations).
    This also makes the marginalized section less competitive which finally proves fatal for this section itself.
    Dr. Jha has several prescriptions for national development. He says that there should be One Nation; Two political parties and three provincial states and if it is so then the nation can be handled with proper care and attention could be given on speedy development of the entire nation at a time.
    Such a system of governance shall be manageable and less expensive for achieving developmental goals, claims Dr. Jha.
    Now a few paragraphs for the regional affairs.
    The approaching May 30, 2019, shall be the beginning of not only the division of India but the would–be Prime Minister Narendra Modi shall take the needed initiative to divide the South Asian nations on his preferred lines.
    The Time magazine has already dubbed PM Modi as the divider in chief for India so if Modi divides the South Asian nations would not be a surprise.
    Modi has already taken steps in this regard. By not inviting Pakistan, Modi has sent messages across the South Asian nations clearly that henceforth BIMSTEC (the Indian tail in effect) shall replace the SAARC of which Pakistan was an active member.
    The inaugural ceremony of Modi shall see the presence of Modi’s trusted and tested disciples like Nepal, Bhutan, The Maldives, Sri Lanka and Mauritius (virtually controlled by the Indian nationals).
    The Bangladesh Prime Minister has very cleverly avoided this “terror-stricken servant(s) club” ceremony in her own way. Poor Modi doesn’t know that his disciples have clandestinely forged intimacy with India’s rival-China. China has reasons to smile.
    Yet Nepal and Bhutan could be taken as the most trusted Choukidars of India. These security guards even if not invited then even could voluntarily attend to this “life time achievement” function.
    Modi shall come into his full action when he meets Donald Trump and PM Abe in Japan during the G20 meet to be held in Tokyo next June 28-9, next month.
    It would be this meet in Japan that shall pump energy into the dictator-in-the-making body of PM Modi and in turn he would terrorize the smaller neighbors in a more dangerous way.
    But Pakistani presence in South Asia is not only a political asset for the India tortured nations but also a nuclear deterrent in that this country may come to their help if and when India exceeds its functions and exhibits devilish political overtures.
    Nepali observers tremble with fear when they think of the approaching calamities for the minority Dalits and Muslims in India.
    They remain askance as to how the BJP Hindutva terror machine shall pounce upon the Muslims and the men practicing faiths other than that of the Hindus?
    The Indian Muslims have already become the BJP’s target as could be seen in FB and Twitter clippings.
    In the mean while the Pakistani Foreign Office recently cautioned India against changing the constitutional status of occupied Kashmir and reminded it that its high-handed tactics could not suppress the freedom movement.
    India is thinking to bring in some changes in the rules to tame the already tamed Kashmiris.
    “Pakistan opposes any move which violates the United Nations Security Council resolutions on the Jammu & Kashmir dispute. In principle, there cannot be any change in the status of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir until an UN-administ¬ered plebiscite is held in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions,” said a Pakistani government official Dr Muhammad Faisal, May 24, 2019, in a regular media briefing.
    Now a few lines on China–Pakistan ties.
    The visiting Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan opened his three-day visit to Islamabad this Sunday by recalling the strength of the bilateral relationship and expressing the resolve that Pakistan and China would continue to safeguard each other’s interests.
    “No matter how the international landscape changes, China and Pakistan will always stay iron brothers that trust and support each other,” he told the political leaders, opinion makers and representatives of think tanks, who had come to attend the forum which, organizers say, links communities, academia, media and think tanks.
    Recalling Pakistan’s support for China at “critical moments”, Mr. Wang said Beijing too had always supported Pakistan on its “core interests”.
    Analyzing the body language of the visiting Chinese Vice President, what becomes clear is that China shall not abandon Pakistan for long time to come and that Pakistan now must concentrate its diplomatic efforts in bringing Russian President Vladimir Putin closer in order to balance the power that is perhaps in favor of the Indian regime because of India’s heavy engagement in the Indo-Pacific Strategy and the countries comprising this IPS scheme.
    Pakistan as a formidable power in this part of the world needs to send its foreign ministry officials in a whirlwind tour of South Asian countries in order to gain love and honor from the smaller countries which so far have been forced to live under the psychological occupation of the Indian regime.
    Its relations with the countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait too must be given due attention which shall time permitting provide dividends in its own fashion.
    Pakistan must not shy is expanding its ties with the developed countries of the European continent and some Scandinavian countries as well, for example, the UK, France, Germany and Norway, Denmark and Finland respectively.
    On top of it all, if Pakistan can act as a mediator in between Iran and Saudi Arabia then such a gesture may send the right diplomatic signals to the USA which has strained relations with Iran but has intimate ties with the rival of Iran-the Saudi Arabia.
    Similarly, Pakistan can facilitate the peace process in Afghanistan for the USA understands better that it is Pakistan which can play an instrumental role in the restoration of peace in the war torn country Afghanistan.
    To sum up, Pakistan has many diplomatic cards under its sleeves, however, the question is how and when the country brings these cards for its effective diplomatic use? It is here Pakistan’s diplomatic acumen shall be tested. The ground reality is that Pakistan’s diplomacy is weak in every sense. It has to re-invent its diplomatic acumen for the sake of smaller neighbors.
    To begin with, the Foreign Minister Qureshi may begin his tour with the neighboring South Asian countries (With first leg why not from Nepal?) and later take “all convincing” steps in carrying the Afghanistan peace process to its logical end and in doing so, the USA shall be obliged to repose trust on Pakistan much the same way as it did at time of the Cold War. That’s all.
    The Himalayan question is this: Has Nepal this capability to play such a smart diplomacy? That’s all.


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