• Thursday 22nd August 2019

They were not citizens?

  • Published on: May 29, 2019

  • Home Minister Rambahadur Thapa, addressing the Federal Parliament said that those who died in bomb explosions on Sunday were not citizens. Weren’t they Nepali citizens?
    To recall, when the then vice chairman of the cabinet led by King Gyanendra, late Dr Tulsi Giri had requested the King to give him authority to suppress the agitators demonstrating in Kathmandu streets during the 2006 April uprising, the King had replied, “After all they too are the Nepali citizens and I don’t want to see bloodbath of the Nepali people.”
    Late King Birendra and King Gyanendra, during their tenure, always addressed the then Maoist rebels as the Nepali citizens going in the wrong path.


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