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Shaman slaughters an infant

  • Published on: May 30, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 31May: A shaman has slaughtered a two-and- a-half-year old Aryan Sah in a bizarre ritual in Dhanusha district on the pretext of gaining supernatural power.

    The shaman Shatrudhan Mahato, 55, of Mithila municipality-6 had performed the barbaric act in his front yard in the wee hours of May 7, almost all news media of today have reported

    According to media reports, Mahato lured and abducted Aryan  on May 6 evening while he was playing in the courtyard of his house. The family of the child was away when the abduction took place.Mahato held the child hostage in his house before sacrificing him the following morning. He slit the throat of the child.

    Following the murder, Mahato buried the body of the child in the farmland behind the house of the child, according to the preliminary investigation of police.

    Mahato, who admitted to the murder, is reported to have been learning skills of Dhamijhakri (traditional healing) for the past two years. Mahato having treated the child through his traditional healing power from time to time in the past helped him lure the child and commit the crime, said the police.

    A team from the district police office arrested Mahato acting on a complaint lodged by grandfather of the deceased child. The police also seized a sharp weapon, a vest, a shawl and a dhoti that Mahato had worn during the murder.

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