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Jaishankar’s appointment sparks suspicion

  • Published on: June 1, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 1 June:Former Foreign Secretary  S. Jaishankar has been appointment as a Foreign Minister of India. Nepalis  have not forgotten him as a mastermind behind an economic embargo in 2015. Most of the mainstream dailies have published a news on him and his actions towards Nepal then.

    He had a difficult relationship with Nepal since he was Foreign Secretary in 2015 when the Modi administration rushed him to Kathmandu two days ahead of the Constitution promulgation. As a special envoy of Indian PM Modi, Jaishankar urged Nepali leaders to halt the Constitution promulgation unless the concerns raised by the agitating Madhes-based fringe parties were not met. However, the Nepali leaders snubbed the Indian establishment by promulgating the Constitution in the stipulated date. Three days after Jaishankar’s visit to Kathmandu, India imposed an economic embargo against Nepal that lasted for five months.

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