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Melamchi project not soon

  • Published on: June 5, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 5 June: The controversial Melamchi drinking water project unlikely to be completed before one and a half year, reports Naya Patrika daily.

    The Melamchi Development Committee has called fresh tender to complete the remaining works of the Project by giving 15 months’ time. After the cabinet meeting decided to immediately complete the remaining works of the Project, the Committee has called fresh tender.

    The government, in its policy and programme, had claimed to complete the Melamchi project in the coming fiscal year. However, it is not possible to complete in the said fiscal year.

    According to Suryaraj Kandel, national and international companies can take part in the bidding. It will take minimum one or one and a half months to select the company. Then the construction company may take minimum one month to start the works.

    Furthermore, the construction companies are in agitation. The federation of Construction Entrepreneurs have launched agitation demanding amendment on the Public Procurement Regulations. Therefore, the Project is to face different hurdles.

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