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Visit Nepal year and TIA NOTAM

  • Published on: June 5, 2019

  • The nation is observing 2020 as Visit Nepal Year with the target of bringing in two million tourists in the country. It is obviously a good plan. Unfortunately, our VVIPs, the President and the Prime Minister, while travelling abroad, are given a send off or welcome by shutting down roads for commoners and also the airport is being closed at least for 35 minutes.
    Recently, PM Oli went to Delhi to attend the oath taking ceremony of Indian PM Narendra Modi. During the take-off and landing of PM Oli’s aircraft, the TIA, the only international airport of the country, announced NOTAM. Due to such an announcement, many international flights and also domestic flights remained on-hold in the sky. Let’s assume how much fuel the aircraft consumed in 35 minutes on hold and how much the aircraft contributed to pollute our skies!
    Will such a practice of the VVIPs contribute to bring two million tourists? Of course, the people have not liked such a practice of the VVIPs, but the VVIPs are happy with the trouble of the commoners and air the passengers.
    Politicizing Foreign Ministry
    Since the adoption of multiparty democracy in the country in 1989, we have been witnessing the politicizing of one after another institution essential for the country. Our bureaucracy is non-functional, the Nepal Police and Armed Police are heavily politicized and almost all government undertakings, which were giving profits during the panchayat days, have become sick and many of them have already collapsed.
    The process has continued during the period of the two-thirds majority government at the helm. Now, the government is planning to assign foreign secretary from other ministries also. Interestingly, in the finance ministry, the secretaries need not be any expert in economics. Similarly, in the foreign ministry also, if the new regulation is endorsed, a secretary who has no expertise in foreign affairs or foreign service can become a foreign secretary. Such odd things can be seen in Nepal now.


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