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Why petrol pipeline?

  • Published on: June 5, 2019

  • The European countries have already announced replacement of the diesel and petrol consuming vehicles by e-vehicles within one or two decades. Even India and China have set a deadline to replace all such vehicles by e-vehicles. Verbally, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has also expressed the commitment. Also, Finance minister Yubraj Khatiwada, in the budget for new fiscal year, has stressed on increasing the use of e-vehicles. When the country is heading towards e-vehicles, why is the government spending so much funds to construct a petrol pipeline, this is very much confusing! The Nepal-India cross border petrol pipeline project is at the final stage of being completed. Why are billions being invested for this project, when petro-products are going to be phased out in some decades!
    The Kathmandu sky is highly polluted due to the vehicle pollution. The pollution level is going up at an alarming rate and this is hazardous for the people living here. According to the Kathmandu Valley Traffic, the number of vehicles operating in the Valley has reached such a state when it has become beyond the capacity of roads to handle them and traffic has become unmanageable. Even though, the Finance Minister, who is talking of using e-vehicles, he is encouraging the import of vehicles, which is also contributing to widen the trade deficit for the country!
    11 years of republic Nepal
    Last week, the country observed the 11th year of republic in Nepal. During the monarchial Nepal, political leaders were saying that the nation remained backward due to the autocratic monarchies. It has already been 11 years since the monarchy has been ousted and the country is heading from bad to worse. All is not good in the republic Nepal. Corruption has been institutionalized; there is syndicate and curtailing mechanism in all sectors; there is absence of morale and ethics among the political leaders, intellectuals, academicians and foreign elements are active in the country to destroy Nepal’s culture, traditions, religion, language and harmony among the people.
    Accordingly, we are experiencing an increasing trend of trade deficit; negative balance of payment; youths going abroad for jobs and we know these things are happening because the economy is on the verge of collapse and pushing the nation towards becoming a failed state.
    Yes, these are the gifts of a republic Nepal!


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