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King Mahendra protector of sovereign Nepal: C.P. Mainali

  • Published on: June 12, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 12 June: The Publicity Department of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal (RPP) organised a talk programme on multidimensional personality of late King Mahendra on the occasion of centenarian birth anniversary of the late King on 12 June.

    Speaking at the talk programme, CPN ML general secretary and former deputy prime minister C.P. Mainali said that after great King Prithivi Narayan Shah, King Mahendra was the protector of Nepal.

    Mainali said, the then Indian prime minister Jwaharlal Nehru, with a vested interest of annexing Nepal, had imposed the Delhi agreement. Nehru had planned to annex Nepal through the constituent assembly.

    “Let us imagine, if the constitution assembly election was held during 1952 or 53, what could be the result!”, Mainali remarked.

    King Mahendra, even by facing strong external pressures, saved Nepal by avoiding constituent assembly election, Mainali said.

    Former foreign minister and foreign relations expert Rameshnath Pandey shared his personal relations with King Mahendra. He said that the King was a visionary leader.

    Describing Nepal’s political, economic and social scenario that time, Pandey said that King Mahendra played a dynamic role to introduce Nepal in the international arena.

    Deepak Gyawali, former minister, said that King Mahendra took some revolutionary steps to make the country self-reline, infrastructural development and end of un-touchable system in the society.

    He further said that the late King, instead of practicing favouritism and nepotism, appointed capable and dignified persons to work.

    The late King was a true democrat and patriotic leader who never misused the power to suppress the people, he said.

    Recalling his father senior advocate late Shambhuram Gyawali, the then minister, said that the King, during his last days, had assigned his father to draft a constitution based on multiparty system. His father too had drafted different models of constitution, unfortunately, during the same time, King Mahendra passed away, Gyawali informed.

    King Mahendra had wished to return people’s asset to the people, he said.

    Bishwabandhu Thapa, who worked under King Mahendra at different capacity, said that King Mahendra was a visionary king.

    He said, King Mahendra had believed that without development, patriotism cannot be saved and without education, development cannot be possible.

    After introduction of the Pnchayat system, concentration was given in all sector development of the nation, he said.

    RPP chairman Kamal Thapa remarked King Mahendra as a century personality who gave Nepal a proper shape of a sovereign nation. He said that King Mahendra’s mission was promoting patriotism, development and safeguarding sovereignty and independence of the nation.

    Publicity Department chair of the party, Mohan Shrestha, who had chaired the programme, remarked King Mahendra as a visionary and patriotic leader who introduced Nepal in the international arena.

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