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Prachanda’s love for family, relatives

  • Published on: June 12, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 12 June: Former Maoist activists want to see Prachanda as the patron of all the party workers. Contradictorily on such a wish of the party workers, Prachanda has not been able to play such a role. One son-in-law is the office secretary to the Speaker, another son-in-law is office secretary to the Vice President. Eldest son-in-law Jeevan, who holds NC background, received election ticket in Morang.

    Accordingly, one daughter is his office secretary, another daughter is the mayor in Bharatpur and one daughter-in-law is the minister. His cousin by relation, Narayan Dahal is the party chief of the No 3 Province. Nephew Mahesh Dahal, who was in NC in the past, is recommended to the ambassadorial post in Australia.

    Prachanda could reward those party workers who had sacrificed for the party. Instead, he has chosen relatives, reports Jana Aastha vernacular weekly.

    People’s News Monitoring Service


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