• Monday 23rd September 2019

MPs divided on Guthi bill

  • Published on: June 13, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 13 June: : Lawmakers of the ruling parties have put forth their views in favour of the Guthi bill while those from the opposition parties protested it during the special hour of today’s meeting of the House of Representatives.

    The Guthi bill has been registered in the National Assembly few days ago to manage the land of different guthis. There are Ram guthi, public guthi and private guthi.

    The bill, brought as per Article 290 of the constitution, is going to make the people owner of the land and not the Guthi Sansthan (the government entity looking after the Guthis) while the lawmakers of the opposition parties blamed the government of bringing the bill by undervaluing the religion, tradition and culture. There is 404,990 ropanis of Guthi land in the country. Guthi Sansthan is the owner of such type of land.

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