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Government leaders serving foreign interests only

  • Published on: June 18, 2019

  • By PR Pradhan
    Our leaders in the government seem to be serving foreign countries only -– some are serving Western interests, some are serving Southern interests and some of them are serving mafias’ interests -– for their personal gains. They are least bothered about the greater interests of the nation — culture, tradition, historical glory and religion and they are intentionally trying to destroy all our Nepali identities.
    The controversial Guthi (Trust) bill brought by the two-thirds majority government is of course a design to finish Nepali tradition and religious culture practiced since the Kirat and Lichhibi era. Our ancestors, to run their social and religious contribution for the nation, had donated land for this purpose, however, the Westerners, with the plan of ending Nepal’s original and cultural assets, have manipulated our leaders in the government to finish off such trusts. So far, the land mafias are also eyeing on such land belonging to different Guthis. If the present Guthi bill is adopted by a two-thirds majority parliament, it is sure, all our temples and also many schools running through the revenue of Guthi land will collapse as the proposed bill has stated that the Mohi (land tiller) will get 50 percent of ownership and the remaining land also can be his just by paying 25 percent of the government price valuation of the same land. To note, the government land valuation is five times lesser than the actual transaction price of land. In this regard, if the Mohi wishes to purchase such Guthi land, he can get the land at very cheap price. In the name of empowering Mohis, the government is planning to destroy our culture and religion. Not only temples but also many schools in the country are running from the income of the land belonging to the schools donated by our ancestors. Our ancestors had contributed a lot in the social and religious fields by donating their property to the trusts. Such a practice is in fact the real practical socialism. The political leaders, who are giving the slogan of socialism, contradictorily, are encouraging mafias in all sectors. The present government is under the strong influence of the mafias or say, there is mafia rule in the country. Specially in the land sector, penniless people have become millionaires by just manipulating the political leaders, corrupt bureaucrats in the government offices and taking hefty commissions, while giving some percentage to the corrupt individuals. This can be seen how bold they have become by encroaching even the official land belonging to the government and also near the prime minister’s official residence. Any open land is vulnerable as long as the land mafia sees them and corrupt politicians and government workers join hands in their dirty schemes.
    Some NCP workers are found saying that when controversial businessman Aang Tshering Sherpa died in the helicopter crash in Taplejung, our Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli faced a great loss, as all his business investment was made through Sherpa. It seems, some leaders in the former UML and Sherpa had very strong business relations as the CPN headquarters is now functioning from the building owned by the Sherpa family. Having such a relations, KP Sharma Oli recommended the name of deceased Sherpa’s niece to the ambassadorial post for Sweden by discarding all the party cadres qualified to become ambassadors. Not that the party cadres are any more qualified than Sherpa to be an ambassador! There are just too many such unqualified diplomats.
    It is said in the CPN that late Sherpa had the strength even for assigning ministers in the Oli cabinet. One intellectual in a TV programme even said that appointments in all government institutions are made on a “pre paid” system. There are numerous that diplomats who may be from the diplomatic corp. or belong to a party, but still they have to pay. Take the example of our ambassador in Denmark, which is near Sweden where Ms. Sherpa has been assigned, this fellow also was a communist cadre, but he had to go through the “pre paid” system.
    Of course, this commission culture has become an instrument for the Westerners to impose their agendas. Christianity campaigners had a major role in introducing the present constitution by declaring Nepal as a secular, federal republic. Our leaders have enormously benefited financially while obeying the Westerners’ advice. Even reports were published in different media outlets that on the eve of declaring Nepal a federal, secular republic nation, a group of EU parliamentarians landed in Kathmandu carrying briefcases full with Euros. The Euros were used to bribe our leaders. This is why and how the agenda of federalism, secularism and republicanism came into being without any discussion in the agitating leaders’ meetings!
    Also take for example of a journalist, who has bank accounts in many foreign countries. How could this man have accumulated so much money when most other journalists in the country don’t have enough to rent a cheap room or eat good food?
    The 2006 April uprising had no agenda of making Nepal a secular, federal republic. Since Nepal became a secular nation, the trend of establishing Church in almost every house has been witnessed. Furthermore, overnight thousands of Buddhists and Hindus have become Christians. The government leaders paid by the Westerners are working in their interests. But according to the very present constitution, one cannot force or influence any citizen for conversion of religion but the government authorities have remained silent on such religious conversion issues.
    The present Guthi abolishing episode is a follow-up guided by the Christianity campaigners as it is related with the conservation of our religious shrines. Specially talking about the Newar community, the Guthi tradition is the lifeline of its culture. From birth to death rituals, Newars are associated with different Guthis. In fact, Newar itself is a Guthi of different castes. Even the Tarai people who joined the Newar Guthi, are known as Newars. For example, some castes in the Tarai community such as Rajbanshi, Kayestha, Shakya, Rajopadhaya, Joshi etc are found in the Newar community also. It is solid proof that the monkey dance and peacock dance which are very famous in Bhaktapur, did not originate there. It is believed that those Tarai communities which migrated to Bhaktapur introduced these dances.
    The controversial Guthi bill is intended to finish the identity of the Newar community and also the identity of different communities, abolishing Nepali culture, tradition and religion and finally ending Nepali identity.


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