• Saturday 21st September 2019

Never retiring Nepali leaders

  • Published on: June 18, 2019

  • Nepal has adopted the British model of political system but our leaders are not following the British political tradition. In the UK, the speaker will be elected from the minority party in the parliament. In Nepal, the majority party elects its own speaker.
    British prime minister Theresa Mary May, when she failed to endorse the Brexit agenda from the parliament, has tendered her resignation. She is taking political retirement. Her predecessor David Cameron quit his political career when he faced defeat on his agenda of not getting out the UK from the EU. Where is Cameron, we don’t know. In Nepal, incapable leaders have become the PM again and again. So far, those in the party leadership never take retirement and they are seeking a new opportunity to become the PM. Nepali leaders only dream to hang on to the party chairmanship for lifelong and if possible, to die as a sitting prime minister. They do not hesitate to play every dirty game to stick on in the PM’s position until the last hours.
    Perhaps, this is the reason how Nepali political system has been derailed!


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