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Local levels, including KMC unveil budget

  • Published on: June 26, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    All local levels, including six Metropolitan Cities have unveiled their annual budget for the fiscal year 2019/20.
    There are 753 local levels in Nepal. Of them six are metropolis, 11 sub-metropolitan cities, 276 municipalities and 460 rural municipalities..
    Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) presented budget of Rs. 15.57 billion, which is 19 per cent higher than the current fiscal year. The KMC had presented budget of Rs. 13.02 billion for the current fiscal year.
    At the fifth assembly of KMC on Tuesday, Deputy Mayor Hari Prabha Khadgi tabled the budget.
    Similarly, Lalitpur Metropolitan City unveiled an annual budget of Rs. 5.18 billion for the fiscal year 2019/20.
    The fourth assembly of the metropolis held on Tuesday unanimously approved the budget presented by metropolis Mayor Chiribabu Maharjan.
    Likewise, Biratnagar Metropolitan City unveiled a budget of Rs. 5.12 billion.
    Mayor Bhim Parajuli on Tuesday presented the budget and policies and programmes in the fourth assembly of the metropolis.
    The BMC has allocated around 62 per cent of the budget for the infrastructure development and remaining 38 per cent for recurrent expenditure.
    Likewise, Bharatpur Metropolitan City unveiled a budget of Rs. 3.37 billion.
    Mayor Renu Dahal presented policy and programmes and budget of the metropolis at the fourth assembly of the metropolis.
    Likewise, Pokharal Metropolitan City has presented its annual income and expenditure of Rs. 7.54 billion, the second largest budget among the six metropolises.
    Deputy Mayor Manjudevi Gurung presented the budget focusing on infrastructure, connecting road, building construction, drinking water, lake preservation, smart city, overhead bridge and constructing a glass bridge over the David Falls.
    Likewise, Birgunj Metropolitan City presented budget of Rs. 4.48 billion for the next fiscal year at the metropolis assembly.
    The Birgunj metropolis has assigned Rs.2.94 billion for infrastructure development, Rs. 23.4 million for economic development and Rs. 718 million for social development.


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