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Chinese experts begin exploration of petroleum

  • Published on: June 28, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 28 June:

    Kathmandu, 28 June: A team of Chinese experts has started  to examine the potential of petroleum extraction in Dailekh district of Karnali province.

    According to the Department of Mines and Geology,  the experts will divide themselves into three groups and conduct the study at different places.

    Earlier in February, the Department had signed an agreement with China Geological Survey to carry out the examination within next three years. The CGS is considered one of the excellent oil mining institutions of the world.

    Dailekh and Tansen of Palpa district have been selected for the first phase, according to the Department.  The second phase will conduct a drilling in various places of Dailekh and the third phase will prepare a report of the overall study.The Chinese side will cover all costs of the examination.

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