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Nepali foreign policy

  • Published on: July 2, 2019

  • Is there any confusion on Nepali foreign policy since the nation has adopted a non-aligned foreign policy, considering the country’s geographical location like being a yam between two huge boulders, it cannot be said! Nepal’s outstanding foreign policy is guided by Great King Prithivi Narayan Shah. However, since the introduction of the multiparty democracy in the country, the political parties have tried to define the foreign policy in their own way for personal gains. If we look back in history, Nepali foreign policy has been ruined since the introduction of the multiparty democracy.
    Since then, many task forces have been formed and reports are submitted to the government by them, nevertheless, their lack of effective implementation has disabled any such policies.
    Our Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has given stress on effective implementation of Nepali foreign policy. Unfortunately, the foreign ministry has become non-functional. Career diplomats have been sidelined and those running behind political parties have been identified as diplomats. Moreover, the ruling party is found taking commission in advance for diplomatic assignments from individuals. Also, the ambassadorial position has become the place to reward relatives and party workers having zero knowledge about diplomacy.
    The Foreign Ministry organised a foreign policy dialogue last week and the significance of such a dialogue has been questioned at a time when the Nepali foreign ministry has been non-functional for a long time. Furthermore, the leaders are expecting effective economic diplomacy from our ambassadors/diplomats who have been rewarded on the basis of relationship with the political leaders or by paying commissions! This is really funny to note!


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