• Friday 23rd August 2019

Paddy Day joke

  • Published on: July 2, 2019

  • Political leaders, high-ranking bureaucrats and celebrities were seen busy in photo-shoots in paddy fields on 30 June (15 Asar). In fact, this day is being celebrated as the national paddy day all over the country. This year, the real paddy farmers are suffering from acute shortage of fertilizers and also they are unable to plant their paddy due to no rain during this monsoon. Instead of helping farmers by providing fertilizers on time, the national figures are found having fun in paddy fields in the name of observing the national paddy day.
    In fact, the national figures are making fun of the aspirations of the prosperity of Nepal as there is a shortage of a labour force, as all our youths are working abroad and the farmers are also in trouble as they don’t get fertilizers on time. Farmers in India, just across the borders, receive subsidies from the government, but our farmers get no facilities, there is lack of irrigation and the most serious thing is that the fertile paddy land is being plotted for housing purposes by the land mafias. Nepal, a paddy exporting country in the past, has now become an importer of paddy and rice from the Indian markets. In this regard, is there any significance in observing the national paddy day with fun?


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