• Thursday 19th September 2019

Tree plantation

  • Published on: July 2, 2019

  • It was a good idea for observing the entire year as a tree plantation year with plantation of saplings all over the country! The government has planned to plant a minimum of 40 million saplings in one year. On Saturday, 14 Asar, as a beginning of the campaign, saplings were planted all over the country and this trend will continue through the year.
    Tree plantation is not a problem and to preserve the earth and for better environment, greenery is necessary. However, the main challenge is preservation and protection of these planted saplings until they grow up. Such saplings need proper care at least for three years until they grow up. The past experiences show that the survival rate of such saplings is very low as there is no government mechanism to take care of the already planted saplings.
    Some experts have even advised the government to establish separate authority to preserve planted saplings as deforestation in the name of infrastructural development is high and without developing such a mechanism, the tree-plantation move will not be successful.
    What about the government plan?

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