• Monday 26th August 2019

By-elections in November

  • Published on: July 5, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 5 July: The Election Commission (EC) has made internal preparations for conducting by-elections to fill 47 vacant positions at the local, provincial and federal levels of government. The EC has urged eligible voters to register with local election offices at the earliest.

    “Unregistered voters are not allowed to cast their ballots even if they are of eligible age. Political parties and the election authorities are being asked to encourage eligible voters to reach the nearest election office and register before the polls are announced,” reads a press statement issued by the EC.

    According to election the law, the election offices must stop registering new voters once an election date is announced. The request from the EC comes after consultations by the election commissioners with the president, the prime minister and other stakeholders about holding the by-elections. The EC plans to hold the by-polls within November.

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