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Promoting Nepali culture in America

  • Published on: July 5, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 5 July: Nepalis residing in the US displayed a strong stage performance during the 16th Asian Festival held on 30 June in the Wellness Center of Worcester State University, Worcester, Massachusetts. Stalls representing culture, art, language, utilities, food, and dress from 12 Asian countries including India, China, Bhutan, Thailand, Philippines, Laos, etc., were in the program. The performers from these countries presented representative folk songs and dances from their countries. The highlight of the program was a fashion show by the volunteers representing various cultural and ethnical backgrounds in the tune of “Saya Tharee Baja and Mero Nepal”.

    The Nepal stall had various Nepali musical instruments and other representative tools such as Panas, Tongba, dressed up manikin dolls, and friendly Nepali smiles greeting the visitors among other Nepali symbols. Courtesy the Nepali Embassy, the “Visit Nepal 2020” materials were well displayed. Volunteers were dressed up in various cultural dresses, and they were busy distributing Visit Nepal 2020 flyers, bags and brochures throughout the day. Some of the visitors took great interest in the touristic sites of Nepal, and the sweetness of Nepali greetings. Sheela Pradhan, one of the community representatives to the event said, “Nepal has been representing its strong presence for several years, and it has become better every year thanks to the hard work of all the community members. This will not only help spread the word and share the cultural beauty of Nepal but also inspire the younger generation to be proud of their Nepali heritage.”

    The festival was organized by South East Asian Coalition of Central Massachusetts, a Worcester-based, non-profit agency. The number of estimated visitors to the event was around 4500 people.

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