• Tuesday 17th September 2019

Can Nepalese digest pesticide?

  • Published on: July 9, 2019

  • The government decided to stop imports of vegetables from India, without a quarantine check. It makes clear that there is massive level of pesticides in Indian vegetables. In the meantime, reports appeared saying that the European countries too have stopped importing Indian vegetables due to the massive use of pesticides. The Nepali consumers welcomed the government decision and became ready to pay more for the locally produced vegetables. The Nepalese had felt that such a decision would lead the nation towards becoming self-reliant on vegetable production.
    Following the government decision, the Indian embassy in Kathmandu became active to defuse the government decision. And finally, the government took back the decision saying that the government was unable to conduct quarantine checking due to a lack of facility for such checks on the imported vegetables.
    On the other hand, reports state that Nepal is equipped with quarantine checking facilities in all seven provinces of the nation.
    This is an example of surrenderism demonstrated by our executive prime minister KP Sharma Oli. In other words, Olijee wants the Nepalese to consume pesticides and digest them!


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