• Thursday 19th September 2019

Decision in haste and regretting later

  • Published on: July 9, 2019

  • We have a powerful government with a two-thirds majority, but the government is seen very immature and inexperienced.
    Personally, what PM Oli speaks, they have proved to be no more than just “hot air”.
    The government decisions have also drawn controversy and the government has been compelled to take back such controversial decisions.
    Of late, after the Indian pressure, the government decided to take back the decision of stopping imports of Indian vegetables without any quarantine checks.
    Besides, the government decisions such as holding the IIFA Award in Kathmandu, Guthi bill, petroleum price hike, among others, have fallen into controversy and the government was compelled to take back the decisions. How can the people be happy with the government then?


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