• Tuesday 17th September 2019

MPs or servicemen?

  • Published on: July 9, 2019

  • We have been witnesses to many odd events in this “loktantra”. Just recently, the MPs –representatives of the sovereign people – demanded for the Dasain allowance with the Finance Minister. It seems, the MPs are comparing themselves with the civil servicemen and thus they are demanding for the Dasain allowance!
    This is an example that the political creatures in Nepal believe politics as a profession they are involved in and like in any other profession, profit and personal gains are considered with priority.
    In this “new” Nepal, politics is such a business, where an individual can make profits without any investment. Political workers raise donations to contest elections. If they are elected and rewarded with some posts, that post will become a milking cow for them.
    Some decades ago, even teachers were working in schools as volunteers, forget about political leaders of that era. Politics was purely a social work for them. There used to be food for work programmes in villages. People used to donate their labour in construction of irrigation projects, roads etc in exchange of food. Today, at local levels, there is the practice of constitution of consumers’ groups. This group is constituted to manipulate funds provided by ward committees and local bodies. They have no feeling of donating labour for development of their own villages and towns.
    In short, the present politics has destroyed the Nepali tradition as such practiced by our forefathers.


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