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I had no desire and fancy to become the King and lead the nation: Former King Gyanendra

  • Published on: July 10, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    Former King Gyanendra marked his 73rd birthday on Monday. On the occasion of his birthday ‘Collection of Messages’ comprising the former king’s views on the political events and other issues expressed from 2001 to 2019 was released.
    In a write-up in the ‘Collection of Messages’ the former king has recalled his life, his tours across the nation, the unimaginable Royal Palace Massacre of June 1, 2001 and his unexpected enthronement as well as the outcomes of the 2006 political movement which culminated in his dethronement in 2008.
    “The then circumstances, rules and tradition created a situation in which I had to be the king and I had expressed this pain time and gain in public, formal and informal forums,” the former king had written in the write-up mentioning the compulsion of becoming the king after the Royal massacre of 2001.
    “I have said in many places that a patriotic man who used to enjoy living in nature playing with his own emotions, I had no desire and fancy to become the king and lead the nation,” he wrote.
    He has further repeated what forced him to become the king, but argued that he acted remaining within the constitutional limit.
    He has also defended the steps he took stating that they were taken as an alternative to the then existing system.
    “There had been conspiracies and revolt to prevent the functioning of the multi-party political system, and we thought of an alternative measure. We gave continuity to dialogues and consensus to normalise the situation,” he said.
    The former king has also mentioned that his birth happened in the royal family and said that it was a matter of pride for him that he was born in a peaceful, beautiful and independent nation with glorious history.
    “I feel I was happy to have born in independent Nepal, grown up in the Nepali soil and served the same soil,” he said.
    “I am a follower of Nepal. Patriotism flows in my blood. I have a deep love to Nepal’s nature. I want to live by preserving, promoting and loving the nature. My faith, love and affection to nature have been the same as they were in the past,” he said.
    He has also recalled how he was enthroned in 1950 when he was an innocent child. “However, once when I became able to know the then situation, I supported my grandfather (Tribhuvan), father (Mahendra) and brother (Birendra) being close to them and I surrendered myself for the development of nature,” he said.
    Stating that Nepal is now in the phase of change, he said he has decided to live as an independent citizen of the nation giving continuity to the works of patriotism and people’s welfare.
    Dr Phani Pathak, press secretary of the former King is the chief editor of the compilation.


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