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BABBLERS: A gift from a government with two-thirds majority

  • Published on: July 17, 2019

  • A gift from a government with two-thirds majority

    Do you believe that one should pay additional 6.5 million rupees as excise duty, VAT, import tax, environment tax and road tax while importing a vehicle from India priced at two million rupees? Yes, this is a truth in “new” Nepal.
    IT service is a must in today’s world. Nothing is possible without IT services. Therefore, in foreign countries, the government has given special discount on internet service. In Nepal, internet service is already known as very expensive compared to the global market. However, the government is not satisfied from the existing prices for IT services. Therefore, the government of two-thirds majority has decided to impose another 13 percent charge on Internet service. The new tariff has already started from yesterday (Wednesday). Thanks to the people’s government for this “gift”!

    When Melamchi chief is in drinking water business!

    When the Melamchi project is going to be completed, we don’t know. The Kathmanduites are eagerly waiting to receive drinking water from Melamchi for decades. We were supposed to receive drinking water from the project in September last year. Later the date was postponed for January 2019. In the meantime, the then secretary Gajendra Thakur and Melamchi project chief Suryaraj Kandel in a planned way developed an environment against the Italian contractor of the Project, so that the construction company quit the project at the last phase of completion of the project. Reports state that the two officials demanded 50 million rupees as commission against payment of the bills submitted by the construction company worth 350 million rupees. The construction company, instead of paying such a commission, decided to stop works and go to the international court.
    Why the Melamchi project has been delayed, an interesting report has appeared in the Annapurna Post daily. Those businessmen who are producing mineral water and also those who are supplying water through tankers were directly or indirectly involved in delaying the project as after the water supply from Melamchi, their business was going to end. Besides, some government officials too were involved in delaying the project intentionally. Kandel, who is the executive director of the Melamchi Project, is associated in the business of supplying mineral water and water tanker business. Kandel’s wife Anju Khadka is involved in drinking water supply business. She is a partner of the Crystal Aqua Services Pvt Ltd. Kandel is supplying drinking water in different government offices.
    This is an example of how the government mechanism has been paralyzed by such officials for personal gains by keeping the entire Valley without drinking water for its need!


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