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Bhanu Jayenti: National luminary neglected by the government

  • Published on: July 17, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    The 206th birth anniversary Aadi Kavi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya was observed across the country on Sunday. Most of the events were organized to commemorate the Aadi Kavi from the people’s level as the government over the years has neglected national luminary like Acharya and the unifier of Nepal Prithvi Narayan Shah.
    Acharya is the first poet of the Nepali language. He is highly honored for translating the epic, Valmiki’s Ramayan, in the local dialect about 150 years ago. Bhanubhakta’s Ramayan is known as the first major literary work in Nepali.
    It is said that poet Acharya unified the country through the means of language as he contributed to popularising Nepali across and beyond Nepal through his Ramayan and other works.
    In the past, the State used to mark Bhanu Jayanti, but in recnet years the government has stopped organising formal programmes on the birth anniversary of the pioneer poet.
    This year too almost all events were organised by different organisations although Prime Minister KP Oli and other ministers attended a number of functions. Mostly, the events were rituals in which the ministers distributed prizes and the poets recited the poems.


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