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People’s Review turns 29 years

  • Published on: July 17, 2019

  • By Pushpa Raj Pradhan

    It is indeed a glorious moment to get the opportunity to inform all our valued readers and well-wishers that from today’s edition, People’s Review has started its journey towards 29 years.
    With the support, contribution and admiration of all our well-wishers, we have been able to travel 28 years of this long journey successfully.

    All is not good in “new” Nepal. All the government organs have failed. The Prime Minister himself is not happy with the performance of the government organs. Sometimes, he is found saying that the secretary dis-informed him, sometimes, he is found regretting that he spoke falsely to the Nepalis as he was not informed about the letter sent by the Indian embassy to the government. Every time, he is found expressing his dissatisfaction with his ministers and government officials, and businessmen among others. When the executive prime minister is facing such a fate, we can imagine the fate of the common Nepalis and understand that nothing is okay in “new” Nepal.
    Coincidently, along with the dawn of multiparty democracy in the country, the People’s Review started its journey and in the past 28 years, we saw all the bad things in the country like corrupt and non-visionary political leaders, non-functional government, corrupt and politicized bureaucracy, downfall of all the government undertakings, among others.

    In conclusion, the nation lost about three decades of valuable time in the name of political transition. It has already been more than 12 years since the then “revolutionary” Maoists have joined the mainstream politics. The new constitution has been promulgated as per their wish, however, we believe, they have introduced a constitution serving foreign interests only. We also believe, the constitution is dysfunctional as the Nepali citizens have been unable to take the ownership on the country’s constitution. Furthermore, the constitution doesn’t suit the Nepali environment and it may invite a serious crisis of existence of a sovereign and independent Nepal.

    In this regard, our struggle against foreign intervention and intimidation will continue and we have been able to show our strong presence among the readers along with our own identity. Our struggle will continue against those elements who intend to weaken national sovereignty, national unity and national indivisibility and we bag the support of a large force of patriotic people. After the removal of Hindu state, we have witnessed of foreign interference but a cultural and religious awakening as well; after the adoption of a federal structure, we have witnessed communal disputes and, more seriously, after the removal of the institution of monarchy, we have witnessed many smaller monarchs who consider themselves to be above the law.
    With the encouragement from our readers at home and abroad, we have started Online News Monitoring Service updating news on a daily basis in our Website: www.peoplesreview.com.np. This has significantly increased our Website visitors at home and abroad.
    Finally, we wish to extend our hearty thanks to our valued readers for their encouragement, sympathy and support to us. Furthermore, we wish to extend our thanks to our valued advertisers and seek their continuous support in the days to come as well. We praise the entire team associated with this Weekly for their hard work to give a new height to the paper.


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