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President Xi visiting India, Nepal visit uncertain

  • Published on: July 17, 2019

  • By Our Reporter

    Chinese President Xi Jinping is preparing to embark on India visit soon. President Xi wanted to visit Nepal first, but when Nepal failed to make preparations to welcome Xi in Kathmandu, he is now paying a visit to India.

    President Xi was mentally prepared to visit Nepal in August or September this year. But sources said that Xi abandoned the idea of visiting Nepal when the latter failed to make preparations.

    Xi wanted to visit Nepal after Nepal had a stable communist government, and talks were being held with Nepali authorities for the same. But when China realised that Nepal did not make the required preparations.

    “I read about Xi’s future Nepal visit in the media but the ministry has not make any preparation for that. Maybe, I was unaware about the visit as it is an issue of ‘high level’ people,” said a Foreign Ministry officials in the condition of anonymity.

    Still the unification of the two communist parties has not concluded in Nepal. There is rift within the ruling Nepal Communist Party due to delayed unification process. And the impact of the dispute has also been felt in the government. Therefore, the Chinese government has not been convinced that the present government of Nepal is stable. Again, different sorts of street demonstrations are regularly taking place. These things have also discouraged the Chinese leader to pay a visit to Nepal.

    President Xi is visiting New Delhi in October before flying to Varanasi. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited Xi to address a programme to be organised in Varanasi. India is now preparing for the Varanasi event and the Chinese side is taking stock of the situation in the ancient city of India.

    Sources in New Delhi confirmed the October India visit of Chinese President Xi. The same source said that Xi would also pay a visit to Nepal in near future.

    It was reported that Xi wanted not only pay a visit to Nepal but also sign a few big projects in Nepal. “But when the government of Nepal has not decided the projects which will be developed by China, the Chinese side is hesitating to prepare for XI’s Nepal visit,” the same source claimed.

    Likewise, there will also not be any high level visit from India in Nepal.  The growing anti-India activities in Nepal have discouraged the planned separate visits of Indian Foreign Minister, prime minister and the president, said sources in New Delhi.

    The sudden postponement of the visits to Nepal by the leaders of its two giant members have not sent a positive message, said diplomats.

    Instead, India managed to arranged Xi’s visit by improving the relations within a short span of time.

    India had written a letter on May 29 inviting Xi for India visit, which China agreed. Prior to that Nepal had sent similar invitation letter to the Chinese president. China had responded to Nepal’s letter stating that Xi would visit Nepal in August or September. But when Nepal showed no further interest in Xi’s visit, he is now planning to pay a visit to India.



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