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The real picture of the country

  • Published on: July 17, 2019

  • By PR Pradhan
    Nepal’s ambassador to Sri Lanka, Bishambhar Pyakurel has tendered his resignation. Pyakurel was one of the few dignified personality to be an ambassador, otherwise, most of the Nepali ambassadors are either relatives of the political leaders or they have been assigned on the basis of the money they pay in advance. Along with his resignation, Pyakurel has blamed the dysfunctional style of work of the Nepali Foreign Ministry. He said that none of the officials in the Ministry is committed and dedicated for the nation, rather, they are serving their own interests. He has also remarked that if such a trend will continue, the nation would face a serious mishap in the near future. Look, this is the state of the foreign ministry under the “new” Nepal!
    Pyakurel has just illustrated the activities of the foreign ministry, however, the same applies with other ministries as well. This is an example of the failure of the state mechanism as anarchism exists in all the sectors and government organs. Also, this is an example of the failure of the political parties and the system as a whole.
    To what extent our people’s representatives and bureaucracy are reluctant on addressing the problems faced by the common people could be an important example.
    Right in the Capital City of Kathmandu, we now have a huge garbage problem. All were aware that the Sisdol dumping site had gone out of capacity and there was the need to develop another dumping site for the City’s garbage. Yes, the government has identified Bancharedanda as the new site, but it will take a minimum of one year to complete the infrastructural works for the dumping site to be functional. Why the new site was not developed in time, this is a serious question. We are talking about bringing two million tourists in 2020. Baudhanath is one of the prime destinations for the foreigners to visit in the Valley. Look at the road condition approaching Baudhanath, even the local people don’t wish to travel to Baudhanath. The roads to Kakani or Nagarkot or the Dolakha-Jiri road, Kalanki-Thankot road, all are in a very bad condition. And these are all attractive tourist sites. Construction contractors have occupied the contracts for the reconstruction and they are fulfilling the needs of those leaders in power but they are showing reluctance in completing the construction works they have been assigned for.
    Look at the fate of the only international airport, Tribhuvan International Airport. When a Yeti Air aircraft skidded from the runway, TIA was closed for eight hours diverting above a dozen international flights and above 100 domestic flights. This is the third time such an incident has taken place at the TIA. Earlier, a Turkish Air aircraft and later Malindo Air aircraft also skidded on the single runway. During the Turkish Air accident, the airport was closed for one week disconnecting Nepal’s air link with the entire world. After the Turkish Air incident, the TIA had to take lessons to manage the necessary equipment to immediately take the aircraft out of the runway. Unfortunately, the situation is the same.
    Look at the Tribhuvan University, the academy for knowledge and wisdom! Students are found purchasing certificates and even gold medals by paying several hundred thousand rupees! The other news is that the vice chancellor of the BP Koirala Institute for Health and Science was caught red-handed while taking bribe money. When corruption or commission becomes rampant in such educational institutions, forget about other government institutions.
    The two-thirds majority government has totally failed to make such organs work effectively under it. Foreign friends say that nothing is possible in Nepal without paying extra money and everything is possible in the country if one becomes ready to pay that extra charge. This is very dangerous as foreigners may get confidential documents by fulfilling the demands of the concerned officials. Our political leaders are found meeting with foreigners without any restriction. Former prime ministers Sher Bahadur Deuba, Madhav Kumar Nepal, Jhalanath Khanal, other leaders Bhim Rawal, Gagan Thapa, among others, are known to be the “key embassy contacts” of the US Embassy in Kathmandu. If our topmost leaders are the informers of the diplomatic missions, what will be the future of this country?
    As such, the system has become dysfunctional and the Western democracy has been proved that it doesn’t suit the Nepali environment.
    As such, some friends have even started to say that the “new” Nepal is in such a bad state that nobody, except a patriotic dictator can bring the country on proper track. Who could be that dictator? The Nepal Army is an organised force, but it has no courage to save the nation and other leaders of the organised political parties have no vision to lead the nation!


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