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Prachand’s suspicious meeting with foreign envoys

  • Published on: July 18, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 18 July: Though it may seem India’s role in Nepal affairs has waned, it is not so in reality and totality. India has always been covertly wanted to have hold on Nepal’s internal affairs and it has been manifested on several instances and it is an ‘open secret.’

    According to Sanghunews.com, India is now applying its ‘divide and rule’ tactic to weaken KP Oli and his government. In order to create a deep division in Nepal Communist party (NCP), India is using Prachand to meet its ulterior motives. India using Prachand has become a hot topic of discussion in the diplomatic circle. Indian intelligence agencies are actively engaged in pursuing their goals and objectives through Prachand.

    The recent secret meeting of Prachand with former Indian Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran is indicative of New Delhi’s intention of weakening Oli and the controversial tweets by Oli’s Foreign Affairs and Political Advisers Rajan Bhattarai and Bishnu Rimal too hints at India’s role in enfeebling the two-third majority government.


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