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  • Published on: July 23, 2019

  • Respect or disgrace?

    Many political leaders were found expressing tributes to late BP Koirala and late Pushpalal in social networks. They were expressing big words while remembering their leaders. Today, neither the Nepali Congress is functioning under the ideology of late BP nor the Communist Party of Nepal is functioning under the ideology of late Pushpalal! So what is the meaning of sparing big words in their names?

    Indian intelligence chief in town

    Indian secret agency RAW’s chief Samanta Kumar Goyel is in town. He arrived in Kathmandu on Sunday and will be staying here for five days. He is scheduled to meet political leaders and senior government officials during his stay here. On Monday, he held a meeting with NCP co-chair Pushpakamal Dahal.
    Normally, such visits of chiefs of secret agencies will be conducted secretly. May be, in Nepal, specially for the Indian secret agency, such secrecy is not needed. Therefore, his visit became news in the Nepali media outlets as soon as he arrived!

    Wow, minister!

    Land Reforms Minister Padma Aryal has bought a personal of Pakistani made leather bag priced at a whopping 17 thousand rupees. The Ministry has paid the bill.
    Last year, she bought a suitcase and a briefcase priced at 47 thousand rupees and 19 thousand rupees respectively. More importantly, the Ministry has paid the bill amount for these items purchased for her personal use. Wow! What a nice job this political leader has landed for herself!

    Sajha Yatayat and NAC

    The government has handed over 3 billion rupees to Sajha Yatayat to procure electric vehicles to be operated in Kathmandu. Of late, Sajha Yatayat is facing a loss due to bad management. The urban transportation company, having a majority share of the government, was unable to earn the management’s cost from operation of the buses. It is not sure, whether the transportation company will earn profit and provide transportation service to the Kathmandu people, it is not sure. It is not sure because the main disease in the government undertakings is the political intervention, making the organization a political recruitment center and also mal-practice or say commission and corruption taking place within the institutions.
    The same applies with the Nepal Airlines Corporation as well. The question is whether these essential companies of the government can be operated in profit if there is good management? Look at the past history of both the organizations. Both were in profit and doing good business until the political parties started to squeeze both the organizations. Therefore, they can run in profit if the factors of mal-governance is curbed.


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