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Imran restores Pakistan’s image; Is South Asia safe now? RAW aborts Xi’s Nepal visit?

  • Published on: July 23, 2019

  • By NP Upadhyaya
    Can the nationalists’ population of this ‘gifted republican order’ imagine that a former Prime Minister of Nepal lands in jail on corruption charges?
    Can we the ‘undeclared protectorate’ of some friendly country in the neighborhood imagine that our Commission of Investigation of Abuse of Authorities, the CIAA, hunt and later nab some high flying thug Communist stalwarts who have plundered this nation at different intervals of time of the gifted order more so after the 2005-5 India sponsored political change?
    Can “we the people” of this despicable country witness ever that our corrupt and indoctrinated leaders who have the blessings of the Indian establishment be penalized for their actions that have damaged the very culture and traditions of this ancient country? Will they be taken penal actions?
    And can we the people come to the streets demanding that those who were engaged in money laundering business and in the process looted the national exchequer be nabbed by competent authorities and the money brought back to the country?
    And lastly, can we the hapless people of this hopeless country tell the Viceroy in the Kathmandu based Indian embassy, Ambassador Puri, to stop micro-managing Nepali politics? He just the other day invited practically all the female parliamentarians inside the Embassy compound for a dinner perhaps to lure the distinguished MPs to be of some support to the Indian cause which so far remains unknown. What could have been his motive behind this? The dinner season inside the Indian embassy has just arrived. For the local Indian sleuths the dinner season is round the year.
    Can we the people press the Nepal Government led by PM Oli to declare Indian Ambassador Manjeev Puri as persona non grata if he continues to ignore the set diplomatic limits for him like other diplomats? He should be told to pack his baggage or else our Ambassador Mr. Acharya should also be allowed to poke his nose in the exclusive affairs of the South Block right in New Delhi. Will PM Modi allow Nepali Ambassador to make statements in favor of the Indian congress? What if the Nepali media begins writing in favor of the KHALISTAN movement?
    If not then how can we allow the Indian envoy to seduce our innocent Parliamentarians?
    Worst of it all, the newly appointed Research and Analysis wing RAW chief Mr. Samanta Goyal just landed in Kathmandu with his deputy and, reports have it, that he headed straight to meet the one who resided in Delhi for a decade enjoying RAW’s secret help-Comrade Prachanda. Some even say that the RAW Chief met all the “key men” in Hotel Hyatt who happen to be in the good book of India and hopefully served timely sermons to his obedient disciples from Nepal.
    As if the insult were not enough, fresh reports have it that Sher Bahadur Deuba-former Nepal Prime Minister, himself rushed to the Indian embassy to pay a courtesy call on Mr. Goyal-the RAW Chief.
    A former Prime Minister meets a mid-level Indian spy? What a shame.
    High placed sources claim that RAW Chief was here in Kathmandu to abort Chinese President Xi Jinping’s likely Nepal visit this year.
    Let’s take it for granted that Mr. Goyal must have met with some vibrant media who will act fast in aborting the Chinese President’s visit. Delhi must not worry as the assigned tasks shall be honored.
    With the sudden arrival of RAW Chief in Kathmandu, PM Oli’s days appear numbered in the government power structure. Prachanda-the declared close confidante of the Indian regime, if things go as per the secret designs as is in the rumor, K.P Oli may be replaced by the one whom PM Modi and Ajit Doval-Jay Shankar combine prefer. After all Nepal must be brought under India’s security umbrella.
    It is not that the CIAA can’t penalize the corrupt leaders who have been looting this nation since twelve years or even more but the authorities will not do so because the high placed officers posted in the said authority were the “near and dear “relatives of various political animals ruling this country mercilessly since the advent of the order tentatively taken openly as a system of the choice of, sorry to say, the Cursed Prime Minister of India Dr. MM Singh and his cunning and Nepal hater foreign secretary Mr. Shyam Saran. Mr. Saran was in Kathmandu recently and had met Comrade Prachanda and his other trusted and tested Nepali disciples.
    Mr. Saran had personally supervised Nepal’s sponsored political movement of 2005-6 which had taken a formal shape only to do away with some “Nepali personalities” who had been posing threats to the Indian grand designs.
    The movement was thus to install proxy political men who obeyed to the Indian dictates. India rules Nepal at the moment, it is believed. Ambassador Puri is talked to be the de factor Nepal PM.
    The men whom Mr. Shyam Saran had groomed in New Delhi were seated at key places in Nepal and with their support India wanted to bring Nepal under its total control.
    The rest is definitely a history now confined to Face Book and Twitters. Nepalese talk against Indian intervention but that remains limited to their outbursts in the Face Book and Twitters and that is why Nepalese are taken as Bahadurs and Choukidars perhaps even by third grade Indian leaders, Ms. Alka Lamba for example.
    Dr. Singh’s mishandling of the Nepal movement of 2005-6 is the prime cause of present day Nepal’s pathetic conditions. The downward slide continues and the people have become just the spectators of the State loot being carried out by the men who have seized Nepal’s power structure which unfortunately were all of “our own making”.
    The then proxy prime minister from the Indian Congress quota Dr. Singh has already been penalized by the Almighty because his Indira Congress under Baby Rahul have tentatively come to ground zero. (Yet Nepali people possess abundant love and respect for cute Rahul Gandhi though his father late Rajiv Gandhi “taught some unwanted lessons” to Nepal which we the declared “protectorates” shall never forget. For example, the March 23, 1989 Indian economic blockade imposed by late Gandhi on Nepal for his petty differences with the late King Birendra, shall haunt the Nepalese population for decades and decades. And add to this the 2015 blockade imposed by PM Modi-the villain of South Asia as he is taken.
    And the Nepal’s Congress which then thrived under the Indira Congress at time of the last India sponsored movement too has tasted as to what it means when people retaliate.
    Late Shila Dixit too had funded the 2005-6 fake movement sponsored by India. She was the Delhi Chief Minister then. Some Nepali Congress men pocketed money from her, it was in the rumor then. (RIP)
    No denying that the then Nepal Sovereign King Gyanendra did some notable mistakes, however, those faults were definitely not of that magnitude or for that matter of the scale that he be dethroned or ousted in a manner that was just beyond imagination. But he was ousted as per the alien designs charted in advance.
    Thanks that He averted a blood bath had he wished to continue with his Royal rule. But he opted to go to the jungles and allowed grand space to the friends of Shyam Saran and Pranav Mukherjee (later this man became the President of India and who used to poke his nose in the internal affairs of Nepal).
    The Indian President Mukherjee did so when in a whimsical manner he sent telephone instructions to Nepal President Yadav to reinstate the sacked Nepal Army Chief Katwal to which Ram Baran Yadav complied which encouraged India to poke its nose on each and every internal issues of Nepal. Since then it became a tradition that continues even as of today.
    Thanks that Nepal has already become to what India wanted-a Protectorate of the type of Baby Bhutan.
    If we can’t imagine our high flying leaders in jail, then Pakistan, a powerful country in South Asia which is the born rival of Indian establishment for a variety of political reasons has in a daring move arrested two of its former Prime Minister(s) and one former President and they are now a jail.
    The former Prime Ministers are Miyan Nawaj Sharif and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and the former President is Ashif Zardari-the husband of late Benazir Bhutto and the father of baby leader Bilawal Bhutto are all in jail.
    All these high flying political men have been arrested by the government on corruption and money laundering charges.
    Can we in Nepal have this golden moment to see our highly corrupt leaders in prison? Can Nepal take such similar steps which at least consoles the shocked hearts of the common Nepali population who have been badly cheated by the fake and thug communists and also those who enjoy the blessings of the most corrupt government in South Asia that India is as per its own qualified population? A report says that about two thirds of the elected parliamentarians in India had criminal background. Some even were the most wanted ones by Law enforcement agencies.
    The boldness with which the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan faced the US President Donald Trump inside the White House, July 22, 2019, was not only superb but a matter for envy to all the smaller South Asian nations whose leaders feel terribly shaken as and when they meet the bad boy of South Asia-PM Modi that he is. Talking with President Trump is just an absurd proposition.
    To some extent Nepal PM Oli has faced Prime Minister Modi in a daring manner having no hesitation of meeting the executive Chief of an elephantine country-India.
    Oli is a perfect Prime Minister having a little India bend and that too for his free renal impairment. He aligned himself with India while ratifying the Mahakali treaty in favor of India, to recall. Since then India began providing free renal treatment to KP Sharma Oli. Yet PM Oli is an Indo-pendent political man. Modi himself shakes as and when he meets President Trump.
    However, the manner and the command with which Prime Minister Khan presented himself before the US President inside the White House and the way he defined Afghanistan crisis and the way he proposed an all satisfying formula to “extricate” out the US from Afghanistan was praiseworthy in that PM Khan handled the situation wherein the US President had knowingly or even unknowingly told the media persons that should he so desire can obliterate Afghanistan literally in ten days. That was indeed a harsh comment on Afghanistan.
    In effect, PM Khan shielded President Trump from being criticized by the global community (the CNN has taken up the issue and has been grilling President Trump for his not so ear pleasing remarks on Afghanistan) by diverting the minds of the attending media men when he said that “we have just discussed that there was no military solution to the Afghanistan problem and that (implied) we will do all we can to bring the Taliban and the Afghan government to the negotiating table.
    It was Khan’s diplomatic acumen which changed the mood of the press men as regards the remarks made by President Trump on Afghanistan. But yet the CNN continued to chase President Trump over his Afghanistan blunt remarks.
    As the luck would have it, the US President have had to make an interesting comment on Kashmir issue.
    President Trump during the course of his QA with the attending press men talked about Kashmir and suddenly surprised all when he said that while he was in Osaka (G20 meet) some two weeks ago, he was appealed by PM Modi to mediate on Kashmir issue to which he (President Trump) reluctantly responded and he repeated the same story and asked whether PM Khan would wish him to mediate or arbitrate on Kashmir issue then he, would “love” to be of some support to both India and Pakistan.
    Listening to Trump’s positive nod on Kashmir mediation, an excited Pakistan PM Khan said that “a billion people living in South Asia shall pray for you Mr. President if you really mediate in this issue that has been lingering for almost seven decades.
    While Pakistan has thanked President Trump for his positive gesture, then India as usual has rebuked Trump’s claim that PM Modi ever had talked about Kashmir.
    Rubbish Kumar has told that President Trump was wrong. He says PM Modi never approached Trump for mediation on Kashmir affairs.
    Whether India likes it or not, Kashmir issue has already entered into the White House Table which is in itself a great victory for the people of Kashmir and also for the population of the South Asian region.
    To a Twit posted by someone called Wasim Khalid on Kashmir on July 22, 2019, he writes, “When international interventions come, India says Kashmir is a bilateral issue. When it comes to Pakistan, Kashmir becomes an internal issue. When it comes to the Kashmiris, Kashmir becomes an integral part. These deceptions shall not work now”.
    Responding to this Twitter, Ms. Nirupama Menon Rao (she is perhaps the former foreign secretary of India now retired) says, “Only India and Pakistan can solve the problem. They just locked themselves into positions on the dispute as threw away the key”. Perhaps she is speaking sense.
    Needless to say, India’s Modified media has begun spitting venom against President Trump for his “self-manufactured” stories on Kashmir. How Trump reacts to those Modified comments shall have to be watched.
    The Indian tirade against President Trump shall ultimately benefit PM Imran Khan in a pleasing manner. If Trump is pushed to the wall, then he can shift his favor from where it stands today. But the likelihood remains a distant affair because of the Indian engagement in the Indo-Pacific Strategy.
    President Trump was candid enough to state bluntly that “Pakistan is the only country which can extricate the US out from Afghanistan”. In saying so President Trump has in a determined manner admitted than Pakistan is an important country with whom the US now would make serious efforts to expand its bilateral ties in various sectors including trade, military and terrorism.
    The presence of Pakistan Army Chief right inside the White House with President Trump and Bajwa’s talks with the pentagon suggest that South Asian stability is round the corner provided President Trump remains committed to his promises made to PM Khan.
    This does mean that President Trump shall elevate the ranks of Pakistan that shall ultimately keep India annoyed for several years to come which is what the South Asian population badly need.
    Prior to meeting President Trump Prime Minister Khan met with the one who in effect had briefed President Trump about PM Khan and had suggested the President to meet Khan-the Pak Prime Minister. He was republican leader Lindsey Graham whom PM Khan met this morning, July 22, 2019.
    “Republican Senator Lindsey Graham met with the Pakistani leader and said that “he and his government represent the best opportunity in decades to have a beneficial strategic relationship (with) the US. This will help us secure Afghanistan and the region long-term”, so wrote the News Week dated July 22, 2019.
    Earlier, the Bloomberg dated July 19, 2019, had hinted that the US President Donald Trump may push Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, to pressure the Taliban into signing a permanent ceasefire in Afghanistan.
    Trump will also demand, so wrote the Bloomberg that Pakistan’s government free Shakil Afridi, a physician imprisoned after helping the U.S. government locate and kill Osama bin Laden, the official said. The Trump administration will judge Pakistan in part on its treatment of Afridi, the official said. Perhaps Trump has made such requests to PM Khan as claimed by Bloomberg.
    To be fair enough, the fact is that the US-Pakistan ties have gone through a strained relations over these years more so after Trump assumed the post of US Presidency. President Trump at times even ridiculed Pakistan through his vitriolic twits which got instant fitting answers from PM Khan.
    However, Pakistan’s gesture aimed at institutionalizing peace in and around South Asia and more especially in Afghanistan won the hearts of the US and thus he was invited to visit the country.
    “There is tremendous potential between our country and Pakistan,” President Trump said during a 40-minute question-and-answer session with reporters from both countries.
    “I think Pakistan is going to help us out to extricate ourselves”, Trump said.
    Credit goes first of all to the PM of Pakistan itself who remained true to his stance that there was no military solution for Afghanistan issue and that Pakistan needs peace in its vicinity simply because Pakistan has paid enough price in having a troubled and conflict ridden neighbor.
    The Saudi Prince MBS, Senator Lindsay Graham, China and Russia and several others ( the Qatari Emir for instance) remained instrumental in materializing Khan’s visit to the USA this time.
    “Pakistan will be the first country to celebrate if peace prevails in Afghanistan”, so said PM Khan at the WH press meet.
    And the congregation (Jalsa) that was held a day ahead by the Pakistani community in Washington July 21, in his honor gave the courage and needed stamina to the PM to talk extempore with the host President.
    PM Oli should try to copy some of PM Khan’s good qualities, if he so desires.
    President Trump greeted the Pak PM as a renowned athlete and a very popular leader. That was a compliment from Trump to the Cup Winner.
    The US President is in knowledge that Pakistan has the capability and political leverage-influence with the Taliban to achieve a possible cease-fire in Afghanistan, and advance the peace process and create stability so he can (read PM Khan) end or substantially reduce America’s involvement in the war.
    “This is the longest war the U.S. has ever fought,” Khan said to which President Trump admitted. “There was always going to be a political settlement at the end.”
    Since he won Pakistan’s general election just a year or so , Mr. Khan has called for “mutually beneficial” ties with America, while remaining an outspoken critic of US President’s anti-terrorist tactics such as drone strikes.
    The US administration is at the moment in a determined mood to negotiate its military withdrawal from Afghanistan with the Taliban, a militant group it has long accused Pakistan of supporting.
    And for this Trump needs Pakistan’s substantial support and for that perhaps the Pak Army Chief is also with the Prime Minister. It is General Bajwa who will handle the security issues with the Taliban.
    Mr Khan previously said many a times that US assistance was “minuscule” compared with what the US-led “war on terror” had cost Pakistan in billions and billions. He reiterated this while being inside the WH.
    General Zia Ul-Haq used to say pea nut assistance from the US when the US and Pakistan were an ally.
    As well as counter-terrorism and defense, the two leaders have perhaps discussed trade and investment as Mr. Khan struggles to fend off a balance of payments crisis after a bailout from the International Monetary Fund.
    All in all, PM Khan appears to have secured his country’s lost space in the US Administration.
    It is this restored space of Pakistan that shall ensure and secure political stability in South Asia which is what we in Nepal wanted.
    He came, he saw and he conquered. That’s all.


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