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PM Oli’s plans to make Nepal prosperous

  • Published on: July 23, 2019

  • By PR Pradhan

    Perhaps, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli knows better than all the definition of prosperity thus he is in the process of transforming the country into a prosperous nation.
    Perhaps Oli has understood that first of all the President and the Prime Minister should spend a better lifestyle in the prosperous Nepal. Therefore, during their travel on any occasion, the Kathmandu roads have to be closed. Accordingly, if they are travelling abroad, the airport must also be closed for a certain period. The areas where the residences of the President and the Prime Minister are located must be very luxurious and the President’s and Prime Minister’s residents should have facility of helipads for their special travels within the country, along with a dream garden, indoor swimming pool, meditation centre, and guest houses for the VIP visitors, including all the luxury facilities for them as well. May be, projects of national pride can be delayed, but the construction works of the President and PM’s residences should be completed without any delay.
    Prosperity can be brought only after the prosperous livelihood of his cabinet ministers. Therefore, the government led by PM Oli has decided to construct a super luxury Ministers’ Quarter in Saibu, Lalitpur. The new residence for the ministers will be equipped with all the modern facilities including a gym, health club, swimming pool etc..
    Oli believes that if a census should be taken from the side of those people spending luxury lifestyle or say, those people in the society who are going to a Gym, health club, sauna, swimming pool in five star hotels, one can see a prosperous Nepal.
    Therefore, perhaps in the process of achieving the set goals for making a prosperous Nepal, Oli has given priority to all these things even by delaying construction of the Kathmandu roads which has not troubled the those pedestrians are the worst sufferers, but also those who are riding cars which doesn’t matter for Olijee!
    The plight of the general people is different. This is the Monsoon season and also the season of floods. As usual the flood hit different areas of the country and displaced many locals and destroyed property and lives. The government was unable to distribute relief materials to the victims even after several days of floods. A group of political leaders visited the flood hit areas flying in a helicopter. They had an areal view from the helicopter of such flood hit areas, but they had no courage to meet the victims of the floods. Those victims, with a big hope of receiving some relief materials including some food, had gathered at the place where the top-ranking leaders were supposed to visit, but the leaders returned to Kathmandu by just taking briefings from the security and administrative officers. Flood victims were unable to receive any relief materials.
    If the government was serious on the possibility of floods and landslides, it should have prepared for disaster management and the victims could get support immediately. It seems, the government has the priority for construction of the President’s residence, PM’s residence and ministers’ quarters only, but there is no priority for the victims of natural calamity.
    Congested Singhadurwar
    Decades ago, when there was the Panchayat raj, the then government had planned to keep all ministries around the Ring Road and constructing a new parliament building in Lalitpur and Supreme Court in Bhaktapur. The idea was intended to dispersing the crowd around the Singhadurwar area and developing other nearby districts of the capital city. That was a visionary idea. Today, the government has decided to construct a new building for the federal parliament inside the Singhadurwar. Already, the Supreme Court building is being constructed and renovated in the Singhadurwar premises. Now, Singhadurwar will be more crowded and congested. After a few years, there will be a traffic problem inside Singhadurwar as no thought has been given for parking area while constructing government buildings.
    Loyalty of our political leaders!
    When many Tarai districts in Nepal-India borders were inundated due to construction of embankments and roads along with the no-man’s land in Nepal-India borders and thousands of people have been displaced and many people have lost their lives due to such illegal constructions by the Indians, no leaders of the Tarai have spoken up.
    The Nepali political leaders are either in the government or in the opposition, or say those leaders of the Tarai based parties, except from some one or two leaders have kept mum, they didn’t speak a single word against the Indian act of blocking Nepali rivers’ natural flow. When Baburam Bhattarai also wished to remain silent, it is understandable, where lies the loyalty of those political leaders!


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