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Babbles: Wanna be hero?

  • Published on: July 30, 2019

  • Wanna be hero?

    Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda said that he would become a global hero if he is dragged to The Hague on the charge of severe violation of human rights.
    Perhaps, he would be eligible to be rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. If so, why should he miss the opportunity? Why not he tries to visit any of the European countries to become a hero!

    Encouraging foreign employment

    Already, there is a shortage of manpower within the country. As a result, Nepal’s trade deficit is increasing at an alarming level. The country is even importing agricultural products from abroad. The government should have given incentives, equipments and facilities to the local farmers so that the youths would prefer to stay in the country instead of going abroad for dirty and dangerous jobs.
    Contradictory to that, the government is directly or indirectly encouraging the youth force to go abroad. Recently, the government has introduced a policy for the manpower agencies for sending a minimum of 100 youths to foreign countries if the agencies want to get their license renewed. Is this the vision of making the nation prosperous?
    Ironically, the party in power was vehemently against sending Nepali youths abroad for work in the past.
    May be, the youths have become problem creators and the force for political agitation, therefore, the government has tried to solve this problem permanently!

    PM’s secret meeting with RAW chief

    Although denied by the PM’s press advisor, PM KP Sharma Oli is learnt to have met Indian intelligence RAW chief Samant Goel for more than two hours.
    According to Sanghu vernacular weekly, Oli had wished to meet the India RAW chief on a one-on-one basis meeting, but due to the Indian tradition, this was not possible. The talks were held in the presence of Indian foreign ministry officials.
    The Weekly has reported that the Indian mission was successful after the meeting between Oli and the RAW chief.
    What could be the Indian mission then?

    What is there in the Schooling Department?

    These days, the Nepali comrades seem to read lesser as they are only concentrating in the money making business.
    Therefore, the ideology of the Nepal Communist Party is under the shadow as top level comrades are found very little interested in talk on the ideology of the party.
    Perhaps this is the reason why it has become very difficult for the NCP leaders to address the issue of the party’s schooling department. The Organisation department or foreign relations department are the attractions for the senior leaders. Instead, the claim for the party schooling department has been coveted by Ishwor Pokhrel and Narayankaj Shrestha has created serious problems for the two party-chairmen.


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