• Thursday 22nd August 2019

Excessive misuse of government vehicles goes unabated

  • Published on: July 31, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    Noticing motors bearing government plate-numbers at vegetable shops or picnic spots or temples is a common sight these days. However, there are other government vehicles, which are turned private by keeping red plate numbers, and people cannot easily recognise them as government vehicles.
    Many an employee working in the government offices and even in courts have been using the government vehicles by simply turning them to private ones.
    Even the employees of the court are found misusing the government vehicles by changing their white plate numbers into red ones.
    A government vehicle of Debt Recovery Tribunal was found to have changed into a private motor with registration number Ba 17 Cha 5738. Justice Mahesh Thapa of the Tribunal uses the vehicle.
    Likewise, another motor of Foreign Employment Tribunal with registration number Ba Jha 3429 is used as a private vehicle with registration number Ba 18 Cha 7594. The Justice Satya Raj Gurung uses the motor for his household works and to go to office.
    Likewise, a motor purchased by the Labour Court is being abused by one of its staff by registering it as a private motor. No tax of the motor with registration number Ba 11 Cha 5963 has been paid since its purchase. Jivan Bhandari is using the car.


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