• Monday 19th August 2019

Fire and Ice

  • Published on: August 7, 2019

  • The liquidity in Nepali politics is in proximity to flood-lines. Tongues start wagging when Prime Minister K. P. Oli goes to Singapore. This is especially so when the trip coincides with a private R and R trip that the other NCP-NCP chairman affords to Dubai. Tongues start wagging again when comrade Prachanda cut shorts his sojourn, returns to Kathmandu and, of all the things, pours his ire on the ousted king. The former king as private citizen has done nothing or said nothing out of the ordinary in the meanwhile. He has, as has been the case all along since his ouster, met his former subjects, made statements and published a collection of his statements. This, he has been doing all along. It just so happens that, this round, he met some luminaries whose tongues have been wagging in the alternative media. The meetings set their tongues wagging and that is what he has done. Going through their statements on the tete a tete the king has said nothing different from what he has been saying all along. The difference this time is that those who the king met came back improving their image of the king because he met them and preferred to state this to the media in their advocacy of options to the current scheme of things. Comrade Prachanda, the fiery one, found this enough to threaten that the king may not even be given space in Nagarjun. For those of us in the know, Pushpa Kamal needs know legal or constitutional excuse to pursue his threat. He is after all among that select coterie of neo-feudals who needs no law to pursue his threat. He is the law.
    The alternative media defies the virtual monopoly of silence on activities that our feudals deem unsuitable for the current dispensation. When currently popular luminaries are asked of their meetings with the king, they are merely gauging the popular mood well. They have gone viral. The publicity has served the king well. This has hurt the fire fuelling the republic and the fiery one must assert his fire. Sadly though, he has only served the king well. Prachanda has nothing to show the people the reasons why he is pouring his ire on the king, instead, he is proving his ability to bew above the law. But this is not all. Pushpa Kamal has exposed his agitation for reasons that there are very many reasons he must breathe fire. He is chairman of a party that holds overwhelming stranglehold over the polity but there are rumors that his government’s deputy prime minister also met the king. Those who met the king, moreover, do not echo the picture his revolution painted of the king. Those who the king met wagged their tongues no doubt but painted a picture they don’t of Prachanda. This is enough to strengthen the king for Prachanda. He must thus growl for space, But, unfortunately for the fire, the response is ice and popular reaction pours. Yes, the flood season appears only now approaching. After all, for how long the liquidity?


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