• Monday 19th August 2019

Massive misuse of PM’s employment programme fund

  • Published on: August 7, 2019

  • By Our Reporter



    Everyone knows well that the fund of the Prime Minister Employment Programme was misused massively across the country with the local levels appointing their men in manual work like sweeping the read and cleaning the drains.

    Moreover, in many places only the unemployed persons loyal to the ruling parties got the job. As a result, the programme drew massive criticism not only from the opposition parties but also from public.
    According to the government, the Prime Minister Employment Programme (PMEP) provided employment opportunities to 179,909 people.
    Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista said in a press meet that he PMEP grabbed the attention of a large number of people despite some criticism.
    Bista further said that as the government has now appointed employment coordinators in most of the local bodies, the programme will certainly move ahead in a full-fledged manner from the ongoing fiscal year.

    The government is also mulling over receiving loan from ADB to give continuity to the controversial programme.
    As per the ministry, PMEP beneficiaries carried out 2,262,269 days of work through 6,864 community works (projects) that mounted to Rs 2.37 billion in the last fiscal year.
    As per data released by the ministry, one jobless person received employment for an average of 13 days through the programme and received Rs 13,460.
    While the programme was announced through the budget of fiscal 2018-19, it was finally implemented on February 12. The government had allocated Rs 3.10 billion for the programme in the last fiscal.
    The government has allocated Rs 5.1 billion for PMEP for this fiscal.


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