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NC leaders settle the general convention date dispute

  • Published on: August 7, 2019

  • By Our Reporter
    The Nepali Congress, which has, of late, become a victim of incompetent leadership, has finally managed to sort out the differences among the factional group regarding the date of the party’s 14th general convention until for November.
    According to routine, the 14th general convention of the old grand party should be held by March 2020. But the establishment faction of the party led by its president Sher Bahadur Deuba has been trying its best to postpone the date by one and a half years citing the provision of its statute.
    Obviously, party president Sher Bahadur Deuba, who is responsible for the eroding popularity of the party, want to regain his strength in the party by postponing the general convention. But two other factions led by senior leader Ram Chandra Paudel and Krishna Prasad Sitaula as well as the leaders from the Koirala family want that the general convention should be held in March next year.
    The rival faction and the members of Koirala family want to oust Deuba from the leadership at the earliest through the general convention. Many NC leaders, cadres and well wishers wanted an early exit of Deuba right from the day the final results of 2017 elections were made public, because they blamed Deuba for the humiliating defeat of the party in the Federal parliament and state assemblies in all seven provinces.
    The NC that was in power till th2 2017 elections has now only 65 members in the powerful 275-member House of Representatives while it has negligible members in the assemblies of all seven states. And the voters of NC blamed Deuba for the shameful defeat of the party due to his unpopular activities before and during the elections.

    Many had expected that Deuba would step down moral ground for the defeat, but he did not. The leaders demanded for early general convention which Deuba thwarted on the basis of majority he enjoyed in the party’s central committee. And now, efforts have been not to let Deuba lead the party for more than his eligible four-year term of the party president.
    However, again Deuba seems to have won the battle,because holding general convention four months in four months of the announcement of the convention date is impossible. When the party decided to fix the general convention date in November, holding the general convention in March next year looks almost impossible.
    It is not known what made the rival factions to agree to announce the convention date only in November, the party is sure to suffer more because every move of Deuba ends in controversies.
    Announcing convention date had become a issue of dispute in its recent protracted central committee meeting. However, the rival factions agreed to finalise the general convention date by November this year after preparing party structure based on the federal setup.


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