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REGIONAL AFFAIRS: Instability mars Nepali politics; has Prachanda gone senile? Indian terror in South Asia doubles?

  • Published on: August 7, 2019

  • By NP Upadhyaya
    It was definitely a black day for Nepal.
    It was the day when an unwanted and uninvited Indian spy landed in Kathmandu, met the political animals close to the Indian establishment, advised and instructed them all to act as per his sermons or face punitive actions.
    He may also have threatened, let’s guess, these political animals that their regular but secret remuneration could be stopped if they ignored the Indian terms and conditions.
    He came, he tamed and then left upon completion of his assigned job which was to coerce Nepal through his posted men seated in Kathmandu’s political circuit.
    The idea was to further tighten the Indian grip in Nepal in order to avert the Chinese increasing influence in Nepal.
    The RAW agency, Research and Analysis Wing, is taken as the most dangerous and notorious terror machine in South Asia which is the brain child of the most arrogant and undemocratic lady ever the South Asian nations have had — Mrs. Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India.
    She ruled India with iron fist and kept the smaller neighbors under the spell of a constant threat or face the consequences as that of independent and sovereign Kingdom of Sikkim. She died a terrible death in 1984.
    The annexation threat though continue even as of today.
    Mrs. Gandhi was very much fond of teaching a lesson to her smaller neighbors, more so Nepal, as and when these smaller nations differed with her coercive political stances.
    She taught a humiliating lesson to Sikkim through her planted man-Kazi Lendhup Dorjey. The traitor, as he is taken in Sikkim now, died an unsung death.
    The RAW Chief landed in Kathmandu on July 20, 2019.
    He was for three days only in Kathmandu but made the country politically unstable which is visible.
    However, with the departure of the RAW Chief, Mr. Samanta Kumar Goyal, from Kathmandu accomplishing his “damage Nepal mission” with proper finesse, Nepal as a nation-state has suddenly become sensitive in that some surprising developments have taken place immediately after the departure of this questioning Indian national housed in the RAW central office in New Delhi.
    Remarkably, the Nepali leader(s) groomed by New Delhi for a decade plus, Comrade Prachanda and Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai of the fake people’s war that was in effect sponsored by the Indian regime in a calculated manner, was the one preferred political man with whom the RAW bloke, Samanta, spent much of his time in Kathmandu.
    It was a unique meeting in that an Indian government official and that too from a dangerous alien agency that is taken as a swearword in the entire South Asian region, was meeting a Nepal Maoists leader (elevated by India itself) Prachanda.
    Now one could guess as to how this Indian government official would have behaved with the one who was raised and groomed by the Indian regime itself during his political career? Master versus servant?
    Certainly Mr. Goyal could have scolded Prachanda and ordered to serve India well as per his instructions or else the Hague Tribunal awaited the NOIDA dwelling Comrade.
    This threat must have scared our hero of the Maoists led people’s fake war that it was.
    He had carrot also for New Delhi elevated man-Prachanda.
    The RAW Chief appears to have told Prachanda to keep Nepal politically unstable and weak so that India could dictate its terms to which Prachanda appears to have obliged.
    For his continued service made in favor of the Indian union being inside Nepal, the visiting RAW Chief Samanta Goyal managed free tickets to the entire family members of Comrade Prachanda that included his “two” illustrious daughters and ailing wife Mrs. Sita Dahal, as well.
    The fun was that the free tickets was as per the orders of the Indian detective Mr. Samanta Goyal, but talked to have been paid by the Nepal government including the free foreign currency that were needed for the Dahal family while enjoying pleasure in a world class hotel in Dubai, the capital of United Arab Emirates.
    The Dubai four days trip must have been a heavenly trip for the Nepali political man whom the general population now have begun taking as a national burden and wish that the man who masterminded the killing of some seventeen thousand innocent Nepali lives be sent to the Hague Tribunal, Netherlands, and be tried for his crime committed against Humanity during the India engineered people’s war that was in effect a fake one waged only to capture power through the Indian helps and in turn serve the alien nation for the entire life.
    The Indian foreign secretary Shyam Saran had picked up Prachanda from the crowd of many Indo-pendent leaders. Mr. Saran is simply brilliant in recognizing the saleable political commodities.
    This is how Comrade Prachanda is being taken by the Nepali population barring a few who perhaps were his hangers on benefitting from his domineering role in the national politics though it is by default. It is the Indian blessing which is largely believed to have made Prachanda the one what he is today for the national politics.
    So a trembling Prachanda, the Nepal’s Delhi man upon meeting the RAW Chief on July 21 morning and having been briefed (on how to carry the process of damage Nepal in installment) and then making a Royal trip to Dubai has very freshly “threatened” the former Nepali Monarch, King Gyanendra, that he will be “kicked out“ even from his government gifted residence in Nagarjun jungles if the former King pokes his nose to destabilize this republican order.
    Question now come to the mind of the observers as to what may have encouraged former New Delhi trusted, tested and reliable man to pounce upon King Gyanendra upon his return from Royal trip of Dubai? Did he meet once again the RAW agency commanded by the second rung led by the presumed Christian followers, who may have told him to keep a close eye on Gyanedra’s moves? Or has Prachanda gone senile? Or he is scared of being sent to the Hague Tribunal as is being talked these days that the Tribunal was very much excited and interested in inviting this man who killed several thousands of innocent lives in Nepal.
    The former Norwegian development minister Eric Solheim too must be held accountable as he was the one who encouraged Prachanda to keep the Nepali State unstable and weak.
    It was in the news then that Norway had funded the Maoists party while they were in New Delhi with an aim to make the Maoists leaders adherents of Christianity (?). But this news remains yet to be authentically substantiated.
    But in these days, Prachanda is being taken to task even by the commoners for his obscene remarks made on King Gyanendra just the other day. The majority of the population now see Prachanda as a man who has lost his common sense and the one who speaks when told to speak by others.
    The puzzle doesn’t end here.
    Just upon Prachanda’s return from Dubai’s luxurious trip funded by the Nepali State, it is Prime Minister KP Oli who has embarked on a Health Treatment mission to Singapore.
    Oli’s Singaporean trip is talked to be paid by PM himself which raises the questions as to wherefrom the wealth the PM accumulated to foot the hefty bills of the Singapore Hospital wherein he is to treat his swelling and almost non-functioning transplanted Kidney(s)? We wish him speedy recovery though as a modest Nepali national-Ed.
    PM Oli by this time is one of the richest communist in Nepal, however, his source of income remains yet unknown. Though he owns two posh bungalows in Balkot, Kathmandu but how he built these two building remains a mystery. This is good news yet.
    PM Oli comes from Jhapa district who had a very modest beginning in the childhood days, we have been given to understand.
    Flying rumors suggest that PM Oli is to meet King Gyanendra in Singapore. The King is talked to have been invited by Beijing whose transit is Singapore.
    Strong rumors have it that though the King may not leave the country for Beijing, however, what is for certain that China too is feeling the absence of a reliable partner in Nepal which used to be the Nepali monarchy since long upon whom China reposed trust unconditionally.
    Now that the monarchy has been uprooted from Nepal (China too must be blamed for the overthrow of Nepali monarchy in many more ways than one) and China concludes that all the present day Nepali rulers were inside the pocket of New Delhi and thus China is also thinking to restore the lost Nepali monarchy which could be as usual its reliable partner in Nepal.
    But will King Gyanendra trust a China that ditched him at a time when he needed Beijing’s support most?
    China can never be a reliable partner of Nepal. Look the Lipulek, the Nepali landmass, invaded by India and China secretly in 2015. Nepal needs China just to balance India. And that’s all.
    To recall, it was King Gyanendra’s extra initiative taken that brought China as an “observer” into the SAARC regional body which was disliked by the cursed Prime Minister of India Dr. MM Singh who in lieu brought in Afghanistan.
    Having said all these, reports suggest that India and China have come to a conclusion that a stable Nepal was in the interest of both the warring rivals and thus together wish the Nepali monarchy to be restored.
    India in addition, wants King Gyanendra back in Nepali throne as the lone Hindu monarch in the world as the ruling party in India, the BJP is out and out a fundamentalist Hindu party. India simply prefers a Hindu monarch in Nepal and for this the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Aditya Nath Yogi is hell bent on declaring Nepal once again as a Hindu state.
    Chief Minister Yogi refers the Hindu monarch unconditionally and the King too is talked have been in close contact with the Chief Minister Yogi.
    Be that as it may, the RAW Chief’s secret trip last month to Kathmandu was, among many other political conspiracies, to abort the Chinese President’s likely Nepal visit this year end.
    The fresh visit made by a BJP man in Kathmandu, also hint that he was in Nepal to build opinion for aborting Chinese President’s Nepal visit.
    He almost ordered Nepali political parties to rewrite the present constitution and mention in clear terms that Nepal was the most special friend of India and that Nepal-India friendship be taken as a special one.
    The fact is that the word “Special” is allergic to the majority of the Nepalese population in that nothing of the sort of “special” exists in between Nepal and India which is a proven fact.
    Yes it is special just for imposing Economic Blockades on Nepal as and when India prefers to teach a lesson to its smaller neighbor whose most of the ruling leaders were talked to be politically indoctrinated by the Neighbor in the South.
    The arrival of the BJP functionary in Kathmandu and his lecture at the Hotel Himalaya was a deliberate act to add some new political constituencies in Nepal which could be used at critical times in favor of India. The chaos in Kashmir now, for example.
    The BJP ploy appears to have worked as was expected. Some Indo-pendent minded intellectuals have already subscribed to the dangerous views expressed by the BJP Lathait.
    However, these intellectuals do not speak as and when Indian dams built along the Nepal-India borders inundate Nepali villages. This speaks of their submissive mentality. However, we do not have any grudge as it is their democratic right to express their feelings, but yet what should hurt us all is that why some qualified brains ignore the immense pains caused to their own motherland by the regional bully which borders Nepal in the South? This is simply puzzling.
    As if the Indian atrocities were not enough, Nepal is once again set to greet the one Indian national who is the main man behind the most imposition of the most inhumane Economic Blockade on Nepal in the year 2015 which came close on the heels of the great earthquake that had hit Nepal the same year. That was a penal action taken by a Hindu country against yet another ancient Hindu country Nepal.
    Yes that Indian bureaucrat being a staunch BJP Card holder has now been elevated to the rank of the foreign Minister and this lanky persona is coming to Nepal shortly perhaps with some “ugly designs” that may not of the liking to the majority of the domestic population.
    He is S. Shankar whose notoriety we have already witnessed during the last blockade. He perhaps meets his subordinates and serve some sermons and tells his men in Kathmandu to obey to the orders as lectured by him. This is perhaps his itinerary this time in Kathmandu.
    Now a little about the emergence of calculated chaos in the Kashmir valley initiate by the Indian establishment.
    With India scrapping article 370, the status of Kashmir valley has suddenly become different which apparently goes against the wishes and preference of the Kashmiri Muslims residing in the valley since decades and decades.
    The scrapping of the Special status of Kashmir valley also has irked the Pakistani establishment which summoned the Indian High Commissioner to Islamabad to register the country’s “unequivocal rejection” of India’s decision to scrap a special status for India-administered Kashmir, simultaneously ramping up efforts to mobilize international support against the move.
    “[Pakistan’s] foreign secretary conveyed Pakistan’s unequivocal rejection of these illegal actions as they are in breach of international law and several UN Security Council resolutions,” read a Pakistani government statement released after Monday’s meeting, writes Asad Hashim for the Al Jazzera, August 5, 2019.
    In an another article penned by Alex Ward for the VOX, he says, “India’s government has made a controversial move to usurp power from the nation’s only Muslim-majority state, potentially igniting unrest in one of the world’s most dangerous nuclear flashpoints.
    Alex Ward further claims in his article titled India’s risky Kashmir power grab, explained”
    That the present move carried out by the Indian Union was a move to be a part of Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist project.
    The Indian government says that with the recent move, J&K will turn from a state to a union territory which would mean that India’s central government in New Delhi will gain much more control over the area’s affairs.
    New Delhi is also considering splitting parts of J&K into two federal territories: the new state of Jammu and Kashmir, which will get its own legislature; and Ladakh, a remote and mountainous area that won’t get a legislature adds Alex Ward.
    To recall, the Kashmir conflict is more than 70 years old.
    The conflict in the valley continues since the days when India and Pakistan became independent nation after the British rule ended in this part of the world except Nepal which has remained ever a sovereign country till to date.
    After Partition in 1947, the then ruler of Kashmir, King Hari Singh could not decide whether to have his Muslim-majority region join India or Pakistan?
    However, in 1948, the UN called for a “plebiscite” to occur after the region was demilitarized, in order to determine the future status of Kashmir which never materialized.
    Since then Kashmir’s status has remained unresolved. The region has also triggered multiple wars between India and Pakistan making the smaller nations of South Asia politically unstable since then.
    The danger is real in that both India and Pakistan are nuclear countries.
    In the mean while the Amnesty International, August 4, 2019, has said that “ the unilateral decision by the government of India to revoke Jammu & Kashmir’s special status without consulting J&K stakeholders , amidst a clampdown on civil liberties and communications blackout is likely to increase the risk for further HR violations and inflame tension”.
    A Swedish Professor of the Indian origin Ashok Swain writes in his Twitter account August 5 that “Those claiming that the scrapping of Article 370 will integrate Kashmir with India should know that the Article 370 is the one which was integrating Kashmir with India. Without it accession has become as Occupation”
    Now that Kashmir has been thrown into a permanent chaos, it remains yet to be seen as to how the US President Donald Trump reacts. Also how his administration takes the entire development in the South Asian region will have to be watched.
    Professor Shri Dhar Khatri talking to a Nepali media outlet claims that Indian action on Kashmir which has been recognized by both India and Pakistan as a disputed territory and thus India’s unilateral action/decision could be a matter of international concern and thus could be debated.
    Some Nepali observers believe that India may have taken this swift decision on Kashmir fearing President Trump’s mediation in Kashmir affairs which may bring in the issue to the International table ( that it has already been) and may enhance the prestige of Pakistan and its new Prime Minister which by implication would mean that Modi’s international rating has gone down.
    It is this fear of President Trump’s ruptured mediation talks which prompted India to take this unfortunate decision that contains the seeds of greater conflict in the region.
    Kashmir continue to be the flashpoint in South Asia. India in many more ways than one has hinted its “inner designs” were not that sacrosanct for the entire region itself. But for some known and unknown Lendhup Dorjes’ (traitors) in our own vicinity they have reasons to celebrate.
    For the Road: Two recent developments probably pushed the Indian government to act now, so writes MICHAEL KUGELMAN, AUGUST 5, 2019, (4:47 PM).
    Kugleman is the deputy director at Asia Program and South Asia and a senior associate at the Wilson Center. He mainly writes on South Asian affairs except Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives.
    The first being the U.S. President Donald Trump’s offer to mediate the Kashmir dispute.
    And the second, adds Michael Kugleman that being the “rapidly progressing Afghanistan peace process, facilitated to an extent by Islamabad, which could lead to an eventual political settlement that gives the Taliban a prominent role in government.
    Each of these developments strengthens Pakistan’s hand, so assesses Kugleman in his fresh write up in FP (Foreign Policy) dated August 5 afternoon.
    “Making a dramatic move on Kashmir enables New Delhi to push back against Islamabad. It also sends a strong message to Washington about New Delhi’s utter lack of interest in external mediation”, concluded Kugleman.
    He claims that New Delhi’s crackdown could send the region spinning into instability.
    After gulping Kashmir, is it Nepal next?
    A word to the domestic Lendhup Dorjes’ : Maryo Tyo Jasley Birsyo Desh Ko Mato!


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