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Anti-China officer to be posted in China?

  • Published on: August 9, 2019

  • Kathmandu, 8 August: Neeta Pokhrel Aryal, joint secretary at the Ministry for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, who is known as the government officer involved in anti-China activities, is likely to get an assignment at the Nepal Embassy in Beijing.

    The government is planning to assign Aryal as the economic counselor in Beijing, reports Drishti vernacular weekly.

    Sources say that under the recommendation of Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali she is going to get the new assignment in the Foreign Ministry. So far, due to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s Singapore visit, the assignment process has been delayed.

    The Asian Development Bank had signed an agreement with China’s reputed electric vehicle manufacturing company, BYD, for importing five e-buses for Lumbini Development Fund to be operated in Lumbini.

    As per the agreement between the ADB and the Tourism Ministry, the electric buses have already arrived in Kathmandu. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had inaugurated operation of the busses in Kathmandu. The very electric buses inaugurated by the PM have been dumped at a Kathmandu garage due to the ill-intention of joint-secretary Aryal. Although the country of origin of the buses is China, Aryal had created obstacle saying that the country of origin was India, which is totally false. The manufacturing company had produced evidences that the country of origin of the buses was China, Aryal, without any genuine reason, had denied to accept the electric busses. This is an evidence that joint-secretary Aryal is intended to discourage Chinese products in Nepali market. She has planned to cancel the agreement with BYD.

    Joint secretary Aryal is even unaware that India has not manufactured electric buses in the country. The five buses for Nepal were manufactured in China and dispatched by BYD’s Indian partner Gold Stone company.

    In the beginning the Tourism Ministry had accepted the deal, however, since Aryal joined the Tourism Ministry, she stood against the deal.

    When Aryal claimed that the busses were manufactured in India, the Chinese officials have become angry with her. Aryal’s intention is to blacklist the world reputed BYD company at a time when the Nepal government has encouraged operation of e-vehicles.

    The Tourism Ministry holds the evidence that the five electric buses were dispatched from Guangzhou on 20 July, 2018 to Nepal via Calcutta, India and also the evidence that provided by BYD company on country of origin of the buses sent on 26 July, 2018.

    When the officer, who is responsible for hiding all the evidence related to the country of origin of the buses will be assigned as the economic counselor for China, what will be the impact on Nepal-China relations, the government has not taken it seriously.

    It is learnt that Aryal has tried to defame the Chinese company under the financial influence of other companies. Foreign Ministry officials say that if Aryal is assigned as the economic counselor in Beijing, it will contribute negative impact on Nepal’s relations with China.

     Under the pressure of Foreign Minister Gyawali, Aryal was recommended by Local Administration Minister Lalbabu Pandit for the foreign service. Aryal, who has just been promoted to the post of joint secretary from a section officer, has no experience in commercial sector. As Aryal is from Minister Gyawali’s home district Gulmi, Gyawali has wished to assign her as the economic counselor. Chinese businessmen have become suspicious from Minister Gyawali’s decision for assigning Aryal as the economic counselor.

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