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  • Published on: August 15, 2019

  • Not a single slap?
    Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda, commander of the “people’s war” which claimed the lives of 17 thousand innocent people, has said that he has neither received a single slap nor has he given a slap to anybody else. Prachanda made such a claim while presenting himself as a gentleman.
    Compared to the life of an individual, one slap is nothing. Can he say that he was not responsible in the killing of 17 thousand innocent people?
    How the memory of Prachanda is, one can suspect this, as one youth, Bohara, had given a slap to Prachanda at Bhrikutimandap in Kathmandu. Later, he had contested for election from Kirtipur against Prachanda.
    No chance for regressive elements?
    Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda is seriously worried from the king turned commoner, former His Majesty Gyanendra Bir Bkram Shah Dev.
    Earlier, he had said that he would oust the former king from Nagarjun Durwar as well. Of late, he has said that regressive elements are trying to raise their heads…however their dream will not come true as the already thrown system cannot be restored!
    The fact is that he is seriously afraid from the increasing popularity of the former king and at the same time about his own declining image.

    On the record

    The trend of visiting foreign countries for medical treatment or taking rest in expensive hotels, resorts abroad has been increased in the loktantra days. Prime Minister KP Oli arrived in Kathmandu Monday afternoon from Singapore after undergoing a medical check-up. Similarly, NCP co-chairman Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda returned home last week after a family junket to Dubai.
    Nepal’s monarchs were undergoing treatment in Nepali hospitals. They used to go to Pokhara and Chitwan to take rest.
    Contradiction is that the king’s family, who were projected as feudal, had always encouraged “Nepal first” and those leaders who claim themselves as the representatives of the poor people, are spending a lavish lifestyle and spending Nepali taxpayers’ money in foreign junkets! This is the difference experienced by this Babbler in the monarchial rule and the loktantra days!

    Tax burden

    The Nepali people are compelled to pay taxes on everything as nothing is left beyond the tax net at present.
    Already, there are three categories of taxes – local level tax, province level tax and federal government’s tax. When the federal government has become unable to manage the increased expenditure of the government after adoption of a federal structure, the finance ministry has decided to increase the tax net. In search of the new taxation area, the finance minister had decided to impose heavy taxation on the parental property also.
    It seems, the Nepalis are born just to pay taxes without receiving any facilities from the government!

    Visit Nepal Year

    The government has aimed to bring two million tourists in the Visit Nepal Year 2020. Nepal is definitely a touristic destination and there is no problem in bringing two million tourists if the political leaders are really committed for this task. Unfortunately, there are less tourists visiting Nepal as the airfare to and from Kathmandu is very expensive compared to other destinations in the region. Indian tourists prefer to go to Bangkok and Singapore as the airfare is comparatively cheaper for them to fly to these places.
    Just recently, the Turkish Air, linking Kahmandu with Europe and the US, has stated that it would scrap its flight to Kathmandu if the Nepal government will not consider on reducing the fuel price! The fuel price too is expensive in Kathmandu. Besides, the landing charge at the Tribhuvan International Airport is higher compared to the international airports in the region.
    Yes, we can attract more than 2 million tourists a year, but under the present circumstances, doubts are being created about the arrival of two million tourists in 2020.


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