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Sandesh Sangrah (2058-2076)

  • Published on: August 15, 2019

  • Published for public information and research by the king’s press secretariat.
    2076 Ashad 23
    The 2000 copies first print copies of a collection of relevant public pronouncements in the period covered in the cover page is useful reference of the monarch’s public opinions both while in office and as a citizen to date the latest of which perhaps is his contribution in the concluding pages of the book. Valuable information on the king and his biographical photographs make the compilation a welcome undertaking for the growing numbers who would want to form their own opinions on an individual much ostracized by politics the very nature of which currently fuels the search for an empirical account of a personality that needs public probing both for the present and posterity.
    Of course, the book’s public launching for donations at the Himani Trust and the publicity itself coinciding with a series of meetings by the king with celebrity status opinion makers who publicized the meetings themselves has provoked revivalist allegations adding fuel to Nepali politics. But this is perchance perhaps. However, any casual perusal of the of the king’s statements both before and after his ouster—for which the book is a valuable opportunity, incidentally — cannot but provoke an appraisal of the much that went with the Nepali monarchy in keeping it as distant from the run of the mill politics. He was and is an institution for the nation and his statements concur.
    As the photographs bear witness and so do some of his utterances, king Gyanendra is an accidental quirk of Nepali history that has had to rise to repeated national challenges on behalf of the country and the book hardly reveals his private bewilderment at fate. From prince to king to prince and king and private citizen and now what would be the obvious question prompted on any reader. Aside from its obvious documentary importance, for contemporary Nepal, the answer perhaps is awaited.
    – Reviewer.


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